Plan Now to Protect 2021 Crop

Published online: Oct 01, 2020 Articles, Fungicide, New Products
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Source: Syngenta

If there is any upside to a field with a history of soilborne disease, it’s that you know what to expect going into a new season. One of the most common and serious potato diseases is Rhizoctonia, and the Syngenta Spud Doctor has some tips for planning ahead for 2021.

Growers have several control options for Rhizoctonia and other soilborne diseases, and data shows an in-furrow application is one of the most effective. Using Syngenta’s Elatus fungicide in-furrow is a Spud Doctor-approved strategy. In addition to excellent disease control, Elatus can help improve emergence, enhance plant health and optimize tuber sizing and distribution. The Spud Doctor video below explains how the two powerful active ingredients in Elatus work together to manage Rhizoctonia.

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