New Product: Joker RX Series

Published online: Sep 30, 2020 New Products
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Horsch announces the launch of the Generation Four Joker high-speed compact disc for North America. Named the Joker RX Series, the product launch represents the next evolution of the already popular Joker RT that Horsch brought to the North American market in 2008.

Along with the 20-inch concave notched blade that has come standard on previous Joker models, the new RX Series offers the ability to switch to 4-inch wave-width Vortex blades, which allow the Joker RX to achieve thorough horizontal fractures at working depths from the surface down to 4 to 5 inches. Switching blades is a simple process, using just five bolts to secure each blade to the hub.

“Shallow tillage is really divided into two segments today in North America: shallow tillage at approximately 2 to 5 inches of depth, and then ultra-shallow at less than 2 inches from the surface,” says Jeremy Hughes, product manager at Horsch. “There is demand for both concave blades and wavy-coulter working action today. With Vortex, we are focusing on the vertical tillage, or ultra-shallow tillage, segment of the market. Now, you can switch blades on the same machine, making it more agile and giving farmers multiple modes of working action.”

Blade angles are set on the front and rear at 17 degrees. The blade engagement angle allows for a consistent, thorough horizontal fracture and uniform working horizon.

“When preparing a seedbed, the importance of a uniform working horizon can never be underestimated, as the seedbed quality directly relates to planting or seeding performance,” says Hughes. “Our experience shows that the 17-degree angle design allows for easy and precise machine tracking and producing a uniform working horizon.”

A new mono-mount blade arm design maintains superior blade angle engagement on the RX Series.

“Any time a ground-engaging implement, whether a planter, drill, or tillage tool, exceeds 5 miles per hour, the physics change completely and much more attention must be given to all aspects of the design and desired working action,” says Hughes. “With the mono-mount arm, a molded high-torque rubber compound is used along with a precision-designed clamping system to steady the arm, maintain consistent blade angle, and provide a quick, precise recoil if the arm trips.”

The Joker RX comes standard with manual depth adjustment. An optional TouchDepth feature allows operators to electronically adjust the depth of the implement via mobile app.

Two new finishing systems are available on the Joker RX. The RingFlex system, which is an evolution of the original RollFlex system, provides ultimate performance in soil conditioning and consolidation. The RingFlex is also convertible for use in high-moisture soil conditions and has proven durable in rocky conditions. The second option is the OptiRoll system, which offers a completely new approach to the rubber rollers found on competitive units. A dual compound design with a poly center sleeve and rubber rings, coupled with a perpendicular scraper system, gives optimum cleaning in high-moisture conditions. Treaded rubber rings keep the OptiRoll rolling in soft and wet conditions.

“In 2008, when we put our first Joker into North American soil, we had no idea the impact it would have in the tillage market,” says Hughes. “At first it was considered a crazy idea, but now the high-speed compact disc has become a well-known concept. We are proud to be the first to domesticate high-speed compact discs in North America, and with the Joker RX we will yet again redefine the shallow tillage market segment.”

Joker RX models are available in 5-foot increments from 20 to 40 feet wide. Products can be ordered now for delivery in spring 2021.

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