New Product: DrySee Waterproof Bandages

Published online: Jul 31, 2020 New Products
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There are an infinite number of ways for injuries to occur on a farm or ranch. Keeping a wound clean, whether it’s fresh or one that has been treated and is healing, can also be a challenge. Average bandages found in a first aid kit don’t fully seal off a wound; even wearing gloves, long-sleeved shirts and pants can’t keep dirt, bacteria and water from reaching a wound. 

DrySee has created the first waterproof bandage with a liquid indicator. If the seal of the bandage is broken and the wound site gets wet, the gauze at the perimeter of the bandage or the center covering the wound site will turn blue, indicating it needs to be changed and that contamination may have occurred. 

DrySee, a medical technology company dedicated to improving wound care, introduces its patented waterproof bandage with liquid intrusion alert. Often, after procedures, doctors will recommend that patients avoid showering in order to keep a wound dry. With DrySee, patients can shower and go about their daily lives without worrying about their wound, because they will be visually alerted if any liquid penetrates the bandage.

DrySee’s waterproof bandages provide a secure, waterproof covering for low-exudate wounds. If water or other liquids make their way into the bandage, the liquid-indicating gauze along the perimeter of the bandage will turn a dark blue. Fluid from the wound site will cause the internal pad to also change color, alerting the patient that a bandage change is necessary. DrySee’s color-changing, liquid intrusion alert takes the guesswork out of replacing bandages because you can see whether the bandage is wet or dry.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, surgical site infections occur in 2 to 4 percent of all patients undergoing inpatient surgical procedures, and they are the leading cause of re-admissions to the hospital following surgery. A DrySee bandage can help patients stay on top of post-surgery wound care by alerting them when a bandage needs to be changed, instead of the patient changing a bandage whenever it “seems” like it needs to be changed. DrySee bandages can last for up to three days, so patients may even be able to reduce the number of bandage changes they need to complete during recovery.

“Infections are a historical and ongoing plague on the healthcare system,” says Brad Greer, CEO of DrySee. “DrySee is a game-changer for post-procedure care. There is no more ambiguity on the part of the patient. It is visibly obvious when a bandage needs to be changed. This visual cue should help patients be more proactive with their wound care, and help reduce the number of infections.”

DrySee bandages are available in packages of 25 for online purchase. DrySee liquid indicating bandages are waterproof, sterile, disposable, breathable and non-latex.

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