Wilbur-Ellis Launches Two New Potassium Fertilizer Technologies

Published online: May 14, 2020 Articles, Fertilizer, New Products
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Wilbur-Ellis announced today the launch of two new potassium fertilizer technologies, Till-It Kompound and Foli-Gro Kilo. These highly soluble, carbon-based potassium fertilizers drive bio-activation in soil or as a foliar-applied product. Foli-Gro Kilo is a single-source potassium acetate fertilizer. Till-It Kompound pushes both potassium and sulfur into plants through soil or fertigation applications. 

Growers know potassium is a critical part of any fertility program driving photosynthesis, nutrient transport and standability throughout the season. But not all potassium sources are the same; solubility and availability play a huge role.  

Foli-Gro Kilo is a carbon-based potassium source with high solubility and availability for any foliar, in-furrow or soil applied liquid fertilizer application. The combination of highly available potassium with a carbon base creates a unique, bio-activated potassium source for plants.    

Till-It Kompound combines the Kilo technology with sulfur, creating a solution for straight applications or combinations with urea ammonium nitrate or ammonium polyphosphate (APP). By providing both sulfur and available potassium, Till-It Kompound is beneficial when applied alone, or can create custom solutions that increase stalk strength, standability and yield of most crops.  


“These two new technologies are centered around potassium nutrition, a critical in-season need in all crops for improving quality and yield,” says Wilbur-Ellis’s value-added nutrition manager Matt Werner. “From row crops to almonds, potassium mobilizes nutrients, photosynthesis and enzyme systems inside plants but is not often addressed in-season. With these two new options from Wilbur-Ellis, growers can apply in-season potassium into their program as a foliar, drip or soil application and see an immediate benefit.” 

Learn more at ag.wilburellis.com.