Podcast Celebrates the Potato

Published online: May 08, 2020 Articles
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A new podcast from a pair of UK-based potato lovers is hoping to encourage potato-lovers worldwide to discover new dimensions to their favourite vegetable.

PlanetPotato is the brainchild of Cedric Porter, a specialist in potato data and compiler of the weekly industry newsletter, World Potato Markets. Together with consumer journalist Anna Lambert, the pair are hoping their lively podcast will appeal not just to industry insiders, but to everyone who appreciates a potato and wants to see it celebrated. 

“In these challenging times we're all looking to simple, familiar things to reassure us, and what better than the potato?” says Porter. “We’ve always known that the potato is delicious and nutritious, but it holds a unique place in global affections as arguably the most friendly, fun and fascinating of all the vegetables. We’re aiming to create a cheerful podcast that reflects the positive ways in which the spud has influenced every aspect of our lives--from the culinary to the cultural, the poetic to the political. We hope now that the potato industry will want to share PlanetPotato not just with their customers but with their families and friends, too.” 

The first two episodes have been downloaded in some 28 countries across the globe, with listeners enjoying everything from cultural insights and celebrity encounters with potatoes, to a potato photography competition and a lyrical recitation of potato-variety names.  

“Our aim is for PlanetPotato to be as comforting and sustaining a listen as the potato is as a foodstuff,” says Lambert. “Essentially, we’re starting a conversation that begins with, ‘We all love potatoes and this is why…’ and we’re really excited to see where that conversation will take us.” 

PlanetPotato can be accessed at http://buzzsprout.com/1028971 and on podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Deezer. Follow PlanetPotato via twitter @PlanetPotatoPod.