Pesticides Buyers’ Guide

Published online: May 08, 2020 Insecticide, New Products
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This buyers' guide appears in the May 2020 issue of Potato Grower.

Tiny animal pests have long been the bane of potato growers. They’re out there; a lot of the time you can see them plain as day. Thankfully, you have some help, and a lot of it is right here.

Always read and follow label instructions. Some products may not be registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Please check with your state or local extension service to ensure registration status.

Drexel Chemical

(901) 774-4370

Drexel Potato Portfolio

Drexel’s Dimethoate LV-4 is a systemic miticide and Group 1B organophosphate insecticide. A low-volatile organic compound, it contains 4 pounds of dimethoate per gallon, it provides excellent tank-mixing compatibility and controls aphids, grasshoppers, leafhoppers and leafminers.

L-C insecticide targets aphids, armyworms, beetles, caterpillars, cutworms, grasshoppers, hornworms, leafhoppers, Lygus bugs, plant bugs, potato psyllid, potato tuberworm and stinkbugs. L-C contains 1 pound per gallon of active ingredient lambda-cyhalothrin. It is a Group 3A pyrethroid insecticide that can be tank-mixed with liquid fertilizers.

SUFFA is registered for use on a wide range of fungal diseases, insects and nutrient deficiencies. At a concentration of 52 percent elemental sulfur, it contains 6 pounds of sulfur per gallon. In potatoes, SUFFA controls Atlantic, broad, Pacific, red spider, strawberry and two-spotted mites, as well as powdery mildew and rust.

BioSafe Systems

(888) 273-3088

BT NOW Insecticide

BioSafe Systems announces the release of BT NOW, an aqueous, biological insecticide labeled to control various Lepidoptera pests in a wide variety of crops. Its formula consists of Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. kurstaki (Btk) strain EVB-113-19, a new variation of the Btk bacterium that targets the Lepidoptera insect while being easy on many beneficials and pollinators. This specialized Btk strain makes BT NOW a highly effective resistance management tool that is compatible with many commonly used pesticides, fertilizers and adjuvants.

Within hours of application, the effected young pests will cease feeding and die from starvation in two to five days. BT NOW works by providing insecticidal endotoxins called cry toxins that disperse in the pest’s digestive tract. These toxins bind to the insect’s midgut receptors, immediately disrupting and paralyzing certain digestive functions. Feeding stops soon after application of BT NOW, ensuring the longevity of the crop under heavy Lepidoptera pest pressure.

Omex Agrifluids

(559) 661-6138

NemOMEX Nematicide

NemOMEX is a cost-effective biopesticide that uses an extract from the wood and bark of the soapbark tree (Quillaja saponaria). As an end-use product with over 18 years of data, Q. saponaria extract has proven to inhibit growth of nematodes in food crops, turfgrass and ornamental plants. As a pesticide active ingredient, the extract does not harm humans, non-target organisms or the environment. NemOMEX is 100 percent soluble at recommended usage rates and can be applied by ground spray, shank injection or chemigation.

NemOMEX nematode management has shown and continues to show variability in nematode mortality rate depending on the ecological system, which includes plant-parasitic species and population size, plant, climate and soil environments, along with relationships between free/beneficial nematode populations.

Huma Gro

(480) 970-7525


Huma Gro Promax is a broad-spectrum, soil-applied fungicide and nematicide used as a preventive and curative agent. OMRI-listed and EPA-exempt, Promax can be applied at any point in the growing season. It doesn’t keep growers out of the field and is not harmful to roots. Promax has no restricted use and no buffer zones, re-entry intervals or residues. It’s compatible with most other inputs, so it’s an ideal product for tank-mix strategies and rotation programs. 

With Promax, growers are working toward the long term and not burning out soil for quick results. When a program is implemented that combines Huma Gro Zap seven to 10 days after the final Promax treatment, a beneficial soil biology is stimulated that will sustain fields for future crops.

Proud 3

Huma Gro Proud 3 is an organic-listed crop protection product. It is a safe and effective, foliar-applied insecticide, miticide and fungicide. The mode of action is as a contact killer. As an insecticide, it works best on soft-bodied insects or juveniles.

Benefits include:

  • Directly affects soft-bodied insects and mites
  • Excellent control against fungal and bacterial diseases in crops
  • Activates natural defense mechanisms in plants 
  • Proven control of some human pathogens found on crops
  • Safe for crops, humans and the environment
  • Fungicidal effect against all types of fungal spores
  • Natural chemistry with no documented cross-resistance
  • Cost-effective performance
  • Fast-acting upon contact
  • Zero-day restricted entry interval
  • Zero-day pre-harvest interval


Embrece-EA Surfactant 

Embrece-EA is a unique blend of surfactants designed to elevate the performance of fungicides, insecticides and miticides by increasing wetting and spreading of spray materials.   

Embrece-EA’s proprietary blend of nonionic surfactants (NIS) gives growers superior coverage and excellent wetting of their chosen spray material, meaning more product stays on the leaf surface, providing quicker absorption and improved control of the targeted pest. In addition to increased performance, Embrece-EA offers growers more safety and peace of mind while allowing for more application flexibility dependent on the crop grown. A lower use rate (1 pint per 100 gallons) is ideal for cover sprays, while higher use rates (1quart 100 gallons) provides more penetration. The product also works well with difficult formulations, like soluble concentrates, and gives growers a safer alternative to similar adjuvants. 

Embrece-EA is part of Wilbur-Ellis’s Eco Advantage line of products. Every Eco Advantage adjuvant is labeled for aquatic use, is made with ingredients for improved safety and handling, and is nonylphenol ethoxylates-free. Embrece-EA boasts lower phytotoxicity concerns than traditional adjuvants, as well as lower toxicity concerns for humans and the environment. 

Oro Agri

(559) 442-4996


PREV-AM is a three-in-one insecticide, fungicide and miticide. It is a contact pesticide that can be applied throughout the season without danger of resistance buildup and is perfect for controlling pre-harvest insect and disease infestations. With a short REI and PHI, PREV-AM is a versatile alternative to conventional pesticides and is ideal for IPM and sustainable farming practices.

The desiccating properties of PREV-AM result in quick knockdown of insects and mites, typically within two to 24 hours. The water-repellent layer protecting most insects loses its effectiveness when contacted by a PREV-AM application. This allows the active ingredient to penetrate and destroy the soft, living tissues underneath. The insects and mites are then exposed to the loss of body fluids, causing death.

As a fungicide, the PREV-AM spray solution breaks down the protective membranes of the superficial fungal mycelia (hyphae) and spores, allowing the active ingredient to penetrate and destroy the living tissues underneath. This exposes the organism to the drying effect of the atmosphere and causes collapse within two to 24 hours. Plant tissue damaged by the fungus may also dry out and prevent further spread of infection, but healthy tissue is not affected at the recommended application rate.

Solera ATO, LLC

(928) 503-1518

Vy-King 42

Vy-King 42 insecticide/nematicide joins Reckon 280SL herbicide, Paraquat concentrate and Diquat 2L dessicant in Solera’s arsenal of cost-effective generic product solutions to your potato pest problems. 

Vy-King 42 contains 42 percent oxamyl, which contains the same active as Vydate C-LV.  To control foliar pests such as aphids, beetles and mites, Vy-King 42 can be applied by foliar, ground, chemigation or aerial application. For soil pests such as nematodes, Vy-King 42 can be applied by ground or overhead chemigation at different timings as listed in the label’s directions for use.

Vive Crop Protection

(888) 760-0187

Averland FC

Averland FC provides exceptional control of psyllids, spider mites, Colorado potato beetle, leaf miners and other insects and mites on both sides of the leaf because it is locally systemic with translaminar activity. Averland FC contains Vive Crop Protection’s Allosperse Delivery System, so it mixes perfectly with foliar fertilizer, water and other products in the tank. It can be used with confidence in chemigation systems because it won’t gum up lines and nozzles, making it one of the easiest-to-use abamectin products on the market.

Bifender FC

Bifender FC provides proven protection against hard-to-control soil and foliar insects. Bifender FC is the best-mixing bifenthrin product on the market, integrating seamlessly into any soil or foliar nutrition program. It offers long-lasting, broad-spectrum control of insect pests and is non-systemic to reduce risk to off-target pollinators. Bifender FC contains Vive’s Allosperse Delivery System, so it mixes perfectly with foliar fertilizer, water and other products in the tank and stays in suspension from the beginning of the field to the end.


(866) 796-4368

Minecto Pro

A broad-spectrum, foliar insecticide, Minecto Pro insecticide controls the most important potato pests, including Colorado potato beetles and potato psyllids. Harnessing the power of two complementary active ingredients—cyantraniliprole and abamectin—into one convenient pre-mix formulation, Minecto Pro protects against multiple pest populations that overlap or occur at the same time. Minecto Pro allows for robust use rates of each active ingredient and is an excellent alternative to foliar neonicotinoid insecticides.


Using dual modes of action, Besiege insecticide provides broad-spectrum control of lepidopteran, sucking and chewing insect pests by contact, ingestion and ovicidal action. This foliar-applied insecticide provides rapid knockdown and long-lasting residual control in potatoes. Besiege combines two different insecticide modes of action: diamide (chlorantraniliprole) and pyrethroid (lambda-cyhalothrin).

CruiserMaxx Potato

CruiserMaxx Potato liquid seed treatment offers protection from harmful insect pests, including Colorado potato beetle, green peach aphid and leafhoppers. Additionally, CruiserMaxx Potato delivers immediate protection against fungal diseases, such as Fusarium, Rhizoctonia and seed-borne Helminthosporium solani (silver scurf).

CruiserMaxx Vibrance Potato

Led by Vibrance RootingPower, CruiserMaxx Vibrance Potato protects against key insects including Colorado potato beetle, aphids, potato leafhopper and potato psyllid. Additionally, CruiserMaxx Vibrance Potato combines the power of three industry-leading fungicides for Rhizoctonia, Helminthosporium and Fusarium protection.