New Product: GROPRO Vigilance Nematicide

Published online: May 14, 2020 Articles, Insecticide, New Products
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The world is currently facing unprecedented hurdles such as unpredictable weather, efficient control of diseases and pests, depletion of our natural resources, and even a global pandemic. Agriculture is one of the most innovation-driven industries, as farmers all around the world need new solutions concerning weather and markets.

On the production level, nematodes are one of the most destructive issues globally, causing over 5 percent of the total crop loss—exceeding $10 billion in losses annually. For potato producers, nematode harm is even more devastating, as nematodes can decrease potato yields on average by 20 percent. Some species of nematodes, such as pale cyst nematodes, are able to cut potato yields by 50 percent or more without appropriate treatment.

And it’s a global problem: Australia, the U.S., India, China and Russia have had many waves of potato cyst nematode epidemics. The result has been decreasing yields and lower production of potatoes. Nematodes are costly burdens of production; they cause significant constraint on micro and macro levels, causing losses to farmers and a threat to global food security.

While usage of chemical crop protection products to control nematodes on potatoes is getting more contradictive for numerous reasons, farmers are turning to biological products because they are safe, efficient and economical to use.

GROPRO Corp., a U.S.-based producer and supplier of biological crop protection products, recently launched into the agricultural market with a quick and steady stream of products. GROPRO combines enthusiasm and knowledge, thinking with a deep comprehension of the real-world hurdles that growers and the agricultural industry face today. With multiple field trials accomplished in the U.S. and internationally, GROPRO has a proven track record of delivering natural and organic materials while allowing growers to augment the conventional agrochemical products used in an integrated pest management (IPM) approach.

One of GROPRO’s flagship products is Vigilance nematicide, the company’s answer to farmers’ desire to get an effective and safe nematode control solution while gaining higher yields and quality. Vigilance not only protects roots but also imposes no stress on the plant. Trials show that potato plants treated with Vigilance are visibly healthier above the ground and have no evidence of stress after treatments.

Vigilance’s benefits include:

  • Proven effectiveness against multiple nematodes species
  • Great results in all soil structures
  • Can be applied via drip, flood, overhead, band or soak
  • Tank-compatible with fertilizers and other materials
  • Safe on beneficial microbes and low-stress to plants
  • Cost-effective 
  • Trial-proven against conventional materials
  • Fumigation replacement option

“We provide farmers with a unique and effective toolbox of new-generation products and solutions, ensuring our partners can develop their businesses successfully while addressing the demands of the environment,” says GROPRO CEO James Ronan.

GROPRO offers a diverse portfolio of products across the entire crop cycle for vital crops such as potato, soybeans, corn, sugarcane, bananas, coffee, wheat, rice, almonds, grapes and many other fruits and vegetables.

“We are actively developing our current and future portfolio toward more environmentally efficient solutions,” says Ronan. “Sustainability is firmly rooted in our entire company’s decision process, from early research to product development. This empowers our development team here and abroad to develop effective formulations that benefit our dealers, growers, society and the planet.”

GROPRO’s approach includes a combination of unique natural ingredients and modern technologies to increase bio-efficiency of products. It includes impressive technologies like amplification of natural ingredients, micronization and atomic extraction of active ingredients.

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