Direct Assistance Program May Not Reach Every Producer

Published online: May 29, 2020 Articles, Seed Potatoes Morgan Benth
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Source: KFYR-TV

The applications for a $16 billion program to help farmers opened this week.

But before the first checks are signed, there's already concern that it won't reach everyone.

The program's main goal is to get funds directly into the hands of producers.

But some are still voicing concerns about which crops are eligible for the program and which are not.

Corn, sunflowers and soybeans are among crops included in the direct payment program, but some North Dakota farmers' crops aren't included.

“Seed potatoes do not qualify at all, period. So if you're a seed grower, you don't get anything. There's definitely seed that is not going to be utilized, that'll be simply dumped, destroyed,” said Northern Plain Potato Growers Director Donavon Johnson.

Some growers have "prevent crops," which are those that failed to grow, but are insured.

One producer said he's noticed about 50 to 60 percent of crops in his area are prevent plant.

"We're looking at some massive amounts of prevent plant here, it's going to be a pretty big hit to our area with a lot of bare ground around this year,” said North Dakota Grain Growers President Dennis Haugen.

Payment limits for individuals are set at $250,000.

Producers can check how much they're eligible to receive by applying for the program online at