Tractor Buyers' Guide

Published online: Feb 07, 2020 New Products, Potato Equipment
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This article appears in the January 2020 issue of Potato Grower.

We here at Potato Grower firmly believe that, given the opportunity, no one in this world would turn down an offer to get behind the wheel of a roaring, tires-taller-than-me, zillion-horsepower tractor. Alas, as we all know, desire and ability are two very different things. Luckily for us, our readers can be listed in both the “willing” and “able” categories.

Enjoy the buyers’ guide below, and find the new tractor that works best for your operation.


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Fendt 900 Series Gen6 Tractors

Five new Fendt 900 Series tractors, ranging from 296 to 415 horsepower, are designed to meet the needs of producers and deliver unprecedented fuel efficiency, uptime and agronomic benefits. The 900 Series offers many of the cutting-edge technologies of the Fendt 1000 Series. Designed to fit any operation as the primary high-horsepower tractor, they offer a light base weight with high ballasting capabilities, are compact and maneuverable, easy to configure and adapt to any application.

The Fendt-exclusive VarioGrip in-cab, tire inflation system helps reduce yield-robbing compaction and increase tire life. The 900 Series includes five models: the 930 (296 horsepower), 933 (326 horsepower), 936 (355 horsepower), 939 (horsepower) and 942 (415 horsepower), all powered by six-cylinder, 9.0-liter MAN engines with a low-rev engine concept working in unison with the Fendt VarioDrive continuously variable transmission through the Fendt tractor management system. The wide range of front and rear implement connections provides more versatility than any other tractors in their power class.

Each tractor is backed by Fendt Gold Star Customer Care, which includes a full warranty for 36 months or 3,000 hours, plus all scheduled maintenance, including the cost of oil, filters and belts during this time.

Kubota Tractor Corporation

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M8 Series Tractors

The M8 Series is Kubota’s breakthrough tractor line boasting over 200 horsepower. It is the company’s newest, largest and highest-horsepower utility ag machine yet.

The M8 Series is purpose-built for comfort, power and simplicity. A variety of applications is available with easy-to-use and conveniently located controls. The cab boasts an impressive 148 cubic feet of space, and every inch is designed to deliver a superior operational experience. The cab was designed around the concept of “an office with a view” and includes various seat and operator comfort options, all-weather climate control, an ergonomically designed multi-function command center and excellent visibility.

The M8 Series is paired with the formidable Cummins B6.7 Performance Series engine. Available in 190- and 210-horsepower models, the B6.7 delivers exceptional power, fuel efficiency and EPA Tier 4 Final compliant emissions.

Kubota’s new M8 Series will be available at authorized Kubota dealerships in spring of 2020.

M7 Series Gen 2

Kubota’s M7 Gen 2, now featuring semi-powershift transmissions and new trim levels, is designed to specifically meet the wide range of needs for today’s customers. There are three models under the M7 Gen 2 line: the M7-132, M7-152 and the M7-172, ranging from 100 to 140 in PTO horsepower. Depending on the model, there are standard, deluxe and premium grade options to further customize for performance and job function. All M7 Gen 2 models feature powerful performance, easy operation, technological advances, sophisticated styling and best-in-class base weight. Bringing efficient precision farming to market in an operator-friendly way, the M7 Series is designed with an ISOBUS management system with auto guidance and an easy-to-use touch-screen performance monitor.

John Deere

Specialty Tractors

John Deere has added a new tractor to its specialty lineup—the premium high-crop 5115RH—and made ergonomic updates to its model year 2020 5GN and 5GV tractors. John Deere offers a new 5GV cab option for 5GN tractors, and a new optional front hitch for 5GNs.

The new 5115RH with base 230/95 R40 tires provides 26.9 inches of crop clearance to the drawbar and 28.6 inches of clearance to the center of the axle. Optional factory-installed integrated guidance, documentation and telematics, minimizes crop damage in fields where bedded crops are planted.

Operators can dial in optimal ground speeds between .28 and 30 miles per hour using the John Deere Command 8 Transmission with creeper function. This allows the tractor to maintain constant low speeds required for planting, harvesting or prepping beds for crops. The tractor is powered by a John Deere engine with 115 horsepower, 8 percent power bulge and 36 percent torque rise to easily pull drawn implements in the field.

Case IH

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Magnum Series Tractors

For model year 2019, Case IH continues to focus on boosting productivity and performance of both the Magnum wheeled and Magnum Rowtrac tractors. All 2019 Magnum tractors include a three-year, 2,000-hour factory warranty. The new program helps manage cost of ownership and provides peace of mind.

All Magnum tractors come with factory-fit telematics and a one-year advanced subscription to Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Connect. AFS Connect is the control center for all tractor-to-cloud-based information transfer and management.

Magnum Rowtrac tractors offer producers a way to address the challenges of traction-limited soils and adverse planting and tillage conditions, all while maintaining the best agronomics possible. For 2019, a new 21-inch track option has been added to maximize flotation and minimize plant root zone interference, especially in crops planted on beds with 38- and 36-inch row spacing. All 2019 Magnum tractors are fit with track options that allow a maximum travel speed of 25 miles per hour for all track widths.

Farmtrac Tractors Europe

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New Escorts Tractor Series

Farmtrac’s New Escorts Tractor Series (NETS) ranges from 20 to 110 horsepower. The new products are performance-inspired. with advanced technology features. The latest addition sto the NETS include compact, utility, narrow, CRDi and higher-horsepower ranges.

The compact tractors range from 20 to 35 horsepower; utility from 30 to 75 horsepower; narrow from 60 to 90 horsepower; and higher segment tractors from 80 to 110 horsepower. Compact tractors cater to orchards and hobby farmers; utility segment for both agricultural and commercial chores; narrow for orchards and vineyards; and higher-horsepower tractors are suited to work in the commercial applications. 

New Holland Agriculture

T7 Long Wheel Base Series

New Holland Agriculture introduces a major upgrade to the T7 Long Wheel Base (LWB) range in the shape of a new suspended front axle. The combination of new axle geometry, low-friction hub bearings and a new hydraulic steering unit delivers superb feedback and control to the driver. The self-centering characteristic designed into the axle reduces steering corrections to a minimum, especially at high speed.

The tractor’s front suspension has also undergone a major update. To provide improved performance over the wide variation of front axle loads encountered on a tractor, a new control valve with dual accumulators has been added.

The T7 LWB utilizes a suspension concept known as Skyhook. This active system aims to keep the tractor in a level condition regardless of external forces. Such as an implement being raised or lowered, or the tractor braking or accelerating, actions where weight can be transferred on and off the front axle causing instability. The upgraded T7 goes as far as weighing the rear implement to determine how stiff to make the suspension to reduce the risk of excessive suspension travel at high speed. This advanced control results in a very stable vehicle.


Wheelman Autosteering System

AgJunction, the Autosteering Company, introduces Wheelman, a new way for farmers to automatically and accurately steer farm equipment at a price that pays back in just one season for farmers working as few as 250 acres.

With precision agriculture, commodity crops can be farmed profitably. Precision agriculture starts with automatically and accurately steering farm equipment to prevent overlap, reduce input, labor, and equipment costs, and increase yields. The USDA estimates that autosteering alone saves farmers $15 per acre each year, but because of cost and complexity, this technology has been out of reach for most farms smaller than 1,000 acres, until now. 

Wheelman delivers a complete, do-it-yourself autosteering system with a simple design that any grower can order online and install in less than an hour on most equipment. Wheelman is powered by AgJunction’s proprietary Whirl software, which makes it easy to automatically and accurately steer a tractor and inform growers about their farming efficiency. 


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X6 VT-Drive Series

The X6 VT-Drive series is a new offering from McCormick in the midrange horsepower segment. Built on the successful platform of the X6 Premium models with power shift transmission, the new X6 VT-Drive retains the same cab features, front axle and hydraulic system while enhancing overall performance with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and cutting-edge technology. CVT allows the engine and transmission to work together to deliver the right engine power and ground speed to efficiently do any job.

The transmission is controlled using the EazyPilot control handle integrated into the right side seat armrest. This solution makes X6 VT-Drive tractors simple and convenient to use across a variety of applications. Equipped with PowerPlus to generate additional power and torque, the BetaPower 4.5-liter engine can deliver up to 133 horsepower.  

Kioti Tractor

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PX Series

With increased engine power, lifting capacity and comfort, the PX Series combines modern design and robust functionality into one powerful workhorse. The three PX models offer operators more gross engine power yielding 93, 103 and 110 horsepower, Tier 4 compliant diesel engines.

A synchronized power shuttle transmission provides smooth shuttle operation, allowing the operator to perform loader work without pressing the clutch pedal. In addition, the new models offer a lift capacity of more than 8,000 pounds, PTO horsepower from 79.1 to 92.2, and interchangeable PTO shafts delivering 540 and 1,000 rpm. The enhanced PX Series comes standard with dual remote hydraulic valves to accommodate a wide variety of attachments and implements, including the Kioti KL1153 front loader.

Building on the company’s history of innovation, Kioti has recently expanded its offerings by introducing new models to the CK10SE and PX Series, as well as expanding its agricultural and landscaping implement offering to include more than 275 high-quality implements and accessories to its dealer and customer network across North America.

Mahindra USA, Inc.

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mFORCE 105 Series

The mFORCE 105 is a heavy-duty, full-size utility tractor that won’t back down. This high-horsepower machine offers unbeatable utility and strength, without the heavy price tag that generally comes with it. Available with an expansive collection of compatible attachments and implements, the mFORCE 105 combines power and versatility, making it an all-around contender for any host of applications.

Customers have a choice of 12×12 power shuttle transmission (105S) or 24×24+8 creeper power shuttle-power shift transmission (105P). A roomy, two-door cab offers great visibility and all-season comfort. The heavy-duty, mechanical self-leveling loader has a lift capacity of 4,129 pounds.