New Product: Wilbur-Ellis Efficax Adjuvant

Published online: Feb 25, 2020 Herbicide, New Products
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Wilbur-Ellis Company announces the launch of Efficax, an adjuvant that helps growers optimize soil-applied residual herbicides. 

Efficax is a soil retention adjuvant that helps growers’ spray applications last longer by increasing the coverage, absorption and adhesion of the spray material deposits onto soil particles. This also improves the residual activity of most soil-applied herbicides, ensuring growers get the full benefit of products they’ve purchased for their fields.

Efficax can improve control of early-season weeds by getting more herbicide on target, holding it in place longer, and ensuring herbicide investments are more efficient than ever. Efficax also has excellent tank-mix compatibility and can be used with most preferred herbicides.

“Efficax breaks new ground as a pre-emergent adjuvant that delivers optimum pesticide effectiveness,” says Wilbur-Ellis’s senior formulation chemist, Jim Glatzhofer. “It puts its tank mix-partners at the right place at the right time, and helps the active ingredient work at its point of attack.”

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