New Product: Lockwood Mobile TANK

Published online: Jan 07, 2020 New Products, Potato Equipment, Potato Harvesting
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Lockwood Manufacturing announces the launch of its Mobile TANK, continuing a commitment to innovation in the potato equipment industry and boosting the manufacturer’s 2020 product lineup. The Mobile TANK continues Lockwood’s trend of self-contained mobility in potato handling.

While this impressive new piece of equipment coming in 2020 is designed to complement Lockwood’s already efficient VACS Mobile and VACS-8, the Mobile TANK is a perfect addition for any pre-storage cleaning system, providing a controlled flow of product and allowing growers to maximize efficiency during harvest.

“The Mobile TANK is the industry’s most agile potato-handling unit,” says Michael Nilson, chief engineer and business unit director at Lockwood. “This unit exceeds both industry standards and customer expectations with regards to transport and setup time reduction.”

Completely contained on a customized semi-trailer, the Mobile TANK is 100 percent hydraulically powered by two wet kits and incorporates an intuitive touch screen user interface. Setup time is minimal.

“The Mobile TANK can be moved from location to location at posted highway speeds, and because of the telescoping elevator, can be se tup and operational in minutes,” says Nilson.

With efficiency and product handling top-of-mind, Lockwood strategically designed the Mobile TANK unloading belt with varying speed control, manually adjustable by the operator to customize the cleaning equipment requirements. The tank discharge utilizes a baffle to minimize pile roll and surging. This maintains a consistent flow into the cleaning device elevator, maximizing efficiency. No internal baffles minimizes product bruising.

No detail was overlooked—from complete machine illumination for safety and night operation, to the holding tank designed to reduce product bruising and skinning, all while allowing complete unloading and reducing buildup.

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Lockwood Mobile TANK with stinger trailer

Lockwood Mobile TANK  belting designed to minimize product roll and bruising

Lockwood Mobile TANK completely covered to keep product out of the elements

Lockwood Mobile TANK LED High Illumination Stadium Lighting Package