Allied Potato Promotes Chipperbec Brand

Published online: Jan 29, 2020 Articles Adam Campbell
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When Matt Hornbuckle, director of foodservice sales at Allied Potato set out to build a brand around their premium chipping potatoes, he wanted to bring together the best of the company’s successful varieties, cultural insight, and marketing know-how.

“I envisioned a really cool brand that chefs can count on that is hip and current,” he explained. “We created the brand and just started shipping one box at a time and the brand has grown somewhat organically due to delivering consistent quality and service.”

Allied Potato was founded in 2007 by Jason Davenport with the goal of specializing in the export of shipping potatoes from California and Washington.

Two years later, the company grew to include Brian Kirschenmann, a grower-shipper from Bakersfield, CA. Their partnership, based on respect and hard work, helped Allied Potato quickly expanded to become an industry leader.

Derek Davenport joined the team in 2010 as the company grew its Northwest operations in the heart of Washington’s potato growing country.  

“What makes our potatoes so great is the amount of years we’ve had developing growing processes and working with myriad seed varieties to narrow down the very best potatoes for each of our growing regions,” said Hornbuckle.

Allied Potato utilizes proprietary processes and cutting edge technology to ensure freshness and continuity of supply.

Hornbuckle stated that Chipperbec Potatoes feature a low-sugar, high-starch ratio to ensure they fry white, fluffy, and crispy, making them ideal for fresh-cut French fries and potato chips.

“What makes the Chipperbec such a great product is our ability to have year round, high-quality volume of these potatoes for customers domestic and international,” he stated.

“The Northwest is our volume shed,” he continued. “We probably do the most out of the Northwest — we’re shipping internationally 40 weeks out of the year. Our Bakersfield, CA, location supplies us May, June, July, and ship from Colorado September, October and April.”

Hornbuckle said that the company is excited to roll out new products under the Chipperbec brand and continue to innovate and get better at what they do.

“We’re growing more every year as demand has increased. Chef’s really like the potato, they can depend on it,” he concluded.