Valley Receives Patent for Innovation in VRI Technology

Published online: Dec 20, 2019 Articles, Irrigation, New Products
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Valley Irrigation has recently received a patent for a new and better way for growers to implement variable rate irrigation (VRI).

Patent no. 10,440,905, a “System and Method for Irrigation Management using VRI Ray Casting Algorithms within Irrigation Machine Workflows,” covers the use of ray casting algorithms to determine the locations of sprinklers in relation to one or more management zones within the field.

Valley senior irrigation product application specialist Kevin Fischman invented the technology, which is an innovative way of translating a variable rate irrigation prescription into control commands used to operate the VRI valves on the center pivot. The invention makes it easier and faster for growers to manage their irrigation in response to the varying needs of the crop. As the inventor, Fischman received a plaque and a monetary award.

“The numerous patents Valley receives are additional evidence that Valley is the irrigation technology leader,” says Valley senior director of innovation and intellectual property John Kastl. “We are dedicated to advancing the science of precision irrigation and to delivering new, better solutions to help growers be more efficient.”