WCCO Draper Belted Chain Technology

Published online: Nov 16, 2019 New Products, Potato Equipment
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WCCO Belting announces two new products: an angled cleat extension for its RAPTOR draper belting and a new belt design for belted chain assemblies for the agriculture industry. These designs, both patent-pending, demonstrate WCCO Belting’s commitment to be the leading value innovator for agricultural belting solutions worldwide.

WCCO Belting’s patent-pending enhancement for draper belting is an angled cleat technology manufactured with the company’s RAPTOR belt construction. For combine harvest headers (draper platforms), swathers and mergers, the cleat extension is designed to increase efficiency and output while reducing downtime from material buildup under the belt. The angled cleat directs crop to the center of the draper belt and into the feeder house, successfully pulling material away from the cutter bar. In addition, an angled connection method creates a smooth, quiet transition of the draper belt on the roller. 

The design of the patent-pending belt for belted chain assemblies will improve process efficiency for assembly manufacturers and redefine performance for original equipment manufacturers and growers in root vegetable harvesting applications including potatoes, sugarbeets, carrots, onions and more. The belt can universally accommodate any pitch requirement and is engineered with a simple hardware concept for easy assembly and disassembly. The construction of WCCO Belting’s belt for belted chain is a strong yet flexible design that supports the belt’s ability to move around the rollers for less pressure on the splice. Low elongation in the fabric design reduces slippage and promotes steady tension during operation. In addition, sealed edges prevent moisture wicking into the belt carcass, which eliminates delamination.

The products are available for equipment manufacturers and belted chain component manufacturers. For more information, visit www.wccobelt.com.