Planting & Tillage Equipment Buyers' Guide

Published online: Nov 26, 2019 Articles, New Products, Potato Equipment
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This buyers’ guide appears in the December 2019 issue of Potato Grower.

Growers in most potato-growing regions of the U.S. are only now recovering from the 2019 harvest. But before you know it, it’ll be time to get the 2020 crop in the ground. Our buyers’ guide should help you get prepared with any of your equipment needs for planting time.


Kuhn Krause, Inc.

(620) 663-6161

Dominator 4856

The new Kuhn Krause Dominator 4856 boasts product features designed to provide optimal compaction removal and residue handling while reducing maintenance time. The double-rank subsoil shanks mounted on narrow 18-inch spacing deliver maximum subsoil fracture. The new reverse-tandem rear disc conditioner produces consistent soil leveling and residue incorporation for pass-to-pass uniformity.

Maintenance-free features are incorporated throughout the Dominator 4856, reducing required daily lubrication service time, placing operators in the field sooner and increasing productivity. Available in seven-, nine-, 11- and 13-shank configurations, the Dominator 4856 continues the proven process of 1) consistent residue sizing, 2) creating soil tilth with maximum subsoil fracture, 3) leveling the tilled soil, incorporating heavy residue prior to 4) final clod sizing and firming of the seedbed surface.


Great Plains Mfg.

(800) 270-9302

Velocity Hybrid Tillage

Great Plains has developed a hybrid tillage solution called the Velocity. The Velocity combines some of the positive aspects of vertical tillage, while maintaining similar features of a conventional disk, resulting in a new classification in the Great Plains product line called hybrid tillage.

The Velocity is designed to bury more residue than a true vertical tillage tool, but with shallow-concavity SpeedBlades on 7½-inch spacings. The patented SpeedBlades aggressively power through heavy residue and thoroughly mix the soil without ridging.

The Velocity is engineered to run at faster speeds than a conventional disk harrow, and its hydraulic fore/aft leveling simplifies field adjustments to create a smooth finish in a variety of soil conditions. The hydraulic soil conditioner features heavy-duty 16-inch diameter reels with 1-inch rods that can withstand rocks while busting clods, leaving behind an ideal seedbed.


Lockwood Mfg.

(800) 247-7335

Air Cup S-Series Planter

Lockwood Mfg. has a full lineup of planters including the industry-leading Air Cup Series for planting accuracy and consistency. GPS steering is known for being hard on kingpins; new for all 2020 rear-steering models is a ball joint system, with no kingpins and bushings. This eliminates the need to grease joints, eradicates binding, and reduces high-wear items and maintenance. By removing kingpins and bushings, S-Series planters are smoother to operate while turning going forward or backing up. Replacing the spindle, bushings, washers, spacer and grease zerks is now only a ball joint and two nuts. 


Ag-Vantage, Inc.

(208) 670-1041


Ag-Vantage’s Culti-Dikers are water conservation tools that create water-retaining pockets to prevent soil erosion, thus providing increased crop yields. The pockets formed can hold ½ to 3 gallons of water, depending on model. Culti-Dikers can be mounted to row crop planters in between the planter units or behind, depending on each grower’s specific requirements. Culti-Dikers are available in several different models and sizes to meet individual needs.

Culti-Dikers have been mounted onto planters, cultivators, grain drills and tool bars for the past 15 years. A proven water conservation tool when used in sugarbeets, corn, beans, potatoes, grains and other crops.



(701) 532-1000

Omnis FT Tillage Tool

The Omnis FT is ideal for breaking up compaction and providing consistent soil tilth in conditions where residue has already been properly sized and distributed by the combine. A thorough horizontal fracture is accomplished by four ranks of shanks spaced on 15-inch centers with 1,800 pounds of trip force. Each shank is equipped with Horsch MulchMix shins that aggressively turn and mix soil/residue and create a uniform soil structure.

The Omnis FT can work at variable depths--from 10 or 11 inches for breaking up compacted zones, to much shallower depths, depending on the desired tillage. Another noticeable feature on the Omnis FT is the large-diameter tires for transport and field operation.

The Omnis FT range includes 11-foot rigid, 16-foot rigid, 21-foot rigid, 21-foot folding, and 26-foot folding versions.


Spudnik Equipment Company

(208) 785-0480

8312 12-Row Foldable Planter

Increasing efficiency and versatility for farm operations is constantly the goal of Spudnik Equipment Company. With the development of its 12-row foldable planter, a single tractor and operator can increase planting efficiency between 66 and 100 percent over an eight- or six-row planter. The foldable 12-row planter gives the flexibility to navigate obstacles in the field and plant either 12, nine, six or three rows. The increased efficiency allows the grower to better plan and manage the critical planting window for optimum plant growth and development.

Paired with the 700-sack-capacity Crop Cart, overall planting efficiency is increased by reducing planter filling time.


Northside Welding, Inc.

(208) 438-5222

NSW Rollover Plow

Northside Welding has now added a rollover reset plow to its manufacturing line. Without trying to reinvent the wheel, Northside has taken the strongest points of each manufacturer and combined them into one plow. The massive three-point comes standard with Category III and IV pins. The main frame is constructed with 8×6×3/8-inch tubing. The rollover stem is a hefty 415/16-inch solid shaft, with 36 inches of bearing surface to roll on. When adjusted to the preferred depth, the wheels easily bolt solid into place with a single bolt. Moving away from the expensive castings, the plow beams are cut from 1½-inch T-1 steel. The frogs are laser-cut from 5/8-inch A-36 steel, resulting in a frog that is more shock-resistant and won’t break at the point. The hydraulic reset system uses a nitrogen accumulator for smooth and reliable reset action. The NSW plow uses readily available Case IH-compatible consumables. 

With models ranging from a five-bottom (in furrow or on land) to an eight-bottom on land, Northside can accommodate just about any size of tractor. The company’s most common size, the six-bottom on land, requires a minimum of 250 horsepower; however, 280 horsepower is highly recommended for best results, depending on soil condition and plowing depth.


Sunco Farm Equipment

(800) 676-2146

Sunco Prop

PIC: SuncoProp2photos

The Sunco Prop, introduced in the 1990s with its unique design to make angled reservoirs between crop rows, completely revolutionized reservoir tillage. Being an individual row unit, the Sunco Prop can easily be mounted on any number of row units and on a variety of rippers and cultivators. The angled dikes with angled reservoirs eliminate water erosion and runoff, allowing rain and irrigation water with valuable nutrients to soak in where it falls. Instead of expensive water damage, propping gives growers the benefit of higher yields and more profits.

Another significant benefit of the Sunco Prop’s angled dike is reduced or eliminated tractor and implement bounce when driving down the rows at harvest. Considering all the advantages and benefits, the Sunco Prop just makes sense on every farm.


All Star Manufacturing & Design

(801) 225-4199

Potato Seed Cutters

Over 60 years ago, Eskel Peterson built the first Better Built potato seed cutter. Three generations later, his grandsons Allen and Alex now own and operate All Star Manufacturing. Officially taking over in 2012, Allen and Alex both continue the tradition of building the best potato seed cutters for their customers.

All Star’s patented sizer, with on-the-go quick-adjust sizing and Better Built tapered aligning rollers, allows for more accuracy when sizing potatoes, while a better pocket to center the potatoes results in less waste and a more accurately cut seed.

Pairing All Star’s potato seed cutter with its liquid/powder potato seed treater can take the guesswork out of mixing slurry to best treat cut potato seed. 


Harriston Industries

(701) 248-3286

Clamp Planter

Harriston’s clamp planter is available in configurations from two to 12 rows. Positive seed clamping provides great seed placement with minimal skips and grabs seed pieces without penetration, helping prevent the spread of disease. With this technology, planting speed is greatly increased. The seed spacing and bowl height adjustments can be made from the cab of the tractor with ease. These planters have a low seed drop height for more exact seed spacing. They are manufactured in the U.S. and provide exceptional quality, reliability and accuracy.



(208) 785-4285

Milestone Potato Seed Cutter

Uncompromising attention to detail and over 50 years of hard-earned experience has allowed Milestone to produce the most capable, highest-capacity potato-cutting system available. Milestone potato seed cutters effectively cut both long and round varieties without the need for costly retooling. Numerous innovations, including the patented Milestone Star, hydraulic sizer quick adjust, and Milestone cutting system, ensure a consistent, uniform and blocky seed piece—the key to optimal planter performance and vibrant plant growth. Several easy-to-use adjustments can be made while the machine is operating to help ensure the desired seed profile. 

Milestone’s new 84-D potato seed cutter, the newest addition to the company’s cutter lineup, represents the ultimate example of capacity, technology and raw performance.


Parma Company

(208) 722-5116

Parma High-Speed Disc

The High-Speed Disc is specifically designed to enable various results of primary tillage disking. Front 600/50-22.5 flotation tires in combination with the rear roller provide precise depth control for high-speed/shallow or slower-speed/deep disking. Front and rear rows of individual, 24-inch notched disc blades spaced at 10 inches are independently mounted on maintenance-free disc hub bearings and torsion spring-cushioned shanks. The distinct working action of each disc helps maintain a thorough and even disking result across the working width at the selected speeds. The separately controlled rear transport axle with 15-inch tires and the front tongue create a unique dual-action float or raise mechanism for complete lifting control at all times.

Parma’s High-Speed Disc is presently available in rigid widths of 14 to 21 feet and a wide variety of rear roller configurations including Crowfoot, packer rings, welded basket or pipe roller. Horsepower requirements for optimum high-speed performance are 15 to 20 horsepower per foot.


Brillion Farm Equipment

(855) 320-0373

3631 Pulvi-Mulcher

The 3631 Series Pulvi-Mulcher from Brillion Farm Equipment features three-section folding units available in 25- and 30-foot working widths. These units are equipped with heavy-duty S-tine shanks with additional clearance for improved residue through the machine. Eight-inch roller axles with heavy-duty bearings improve reliability and reduce downtime. Standard equipment includes wing hydraulic down pressure and a two-row coil tine harrow in front of the rear roller. The 3631 Series is offered with 24-inch notched ductile iron wheels on the front and rear rollers to provide even more clod-crushing power with its heavy weight. 


Safe-T-Pull, Inc.

(701) 284-6100

Crop Shuttle

The Crop Shuttle is the largest, fastest and most versatile crop cart on the market. It is fully customizable, providing up to 46 tons in capacity and discharge speeds of up to 25 tons per minute. The Crop Shuttle is extremely versatile and can be used it in multiple crops such as potatoes, sugarbeets, carrots, onions, red beets, cucumbers and even corn silage.

The Crop Shuttle is designed such that no PTO is needed to power the hydraulics. Its patented design has minimal moving parts and changing angles, meaning less buildup of debris while using less hydraulic power. The hopper rises into the air while unloading, creating the necessary incline without a separate conveyor slowing down discharge and damaging the crop.

Safe-T-Pull’s new self-loading conveyor makes for a fully self-contained unit that will unload seed trucks and meet planters in the field, saving precious time and allowing the operator to fill a planter in less than 60 seconds.