Rootella Mycorrhizal Inoculants Registered in Canada

Published online: Sep 06, 2019 Articles, Fertilizer, New Products
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Groundwork BioAg, Ltd. announces that Rootella F, Rootella G, Rootella S and Rootella WP mycorrhizal inoculants have all been approved for commercial use by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). These product registrations follow similar achievements in additional territories, including the U.S., Brazil, Ukraine, and Belgium.

“Canadian agriculture represents an opportunity of 54 million acres of relevant row crops, such as soybean, corn and wheat, as well as specialty crops, including lentil, beans, peas and potatoes,” says Groundwork BioAg vice president of sales and marketing Dan Grotsky. “Now that Rootella products have achieved commercial registration [in Canada], Groundwork BioAg is evaluating several potential channel partners to penetrate and effectively serve this target market.”

Each Rootella product is formulated to accommodate specific cultivation methods. The four products currently registered in Canada cover the gamut of Canadian crops, from seed treatment and in-furrow applications for row crops and specialty crops, to nursery and transplantation applications for vegetables and trees.

Canadian producers stand to increase crop yields while saving on fertilizer and protecting their crops from various types of stress. All Rootella products are biological, 100 percent natural and suitable for regenerative agriculture.

About Groundwork BioAg

Groundwork BioAg, Ltd. produces effective mycorrhizal inoculants for commercial agriculture. Natural mycorrhizal fungi improve soil nutrient uptake in 90 percent of all plant species. When applied to agriculture, mycorrhizal inoculants increase crop yields, especially under stress conditions.

Growers may also reduce fertilizer application rates, notably phosphorus. Groundwork BioAg’s uniquely vigorous and highly concentrated Rootella products have demonstrated impressive field trial results in several major crops, such as corn, soybean, lentil, bean, tomato, pepper, onion and potato. Rootella inoculants are currently registered and sold in several territories (including the U.S.) and are suitable for organic farming.

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