Keeping Potatoes Healthy through Harvest and Beyond

Published online: Sep 04, 2019 Fungicide, Herbicide, New Products, Potato Harvesting, Potato Storage
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You’ve put in all the work to get to harvest, and the folks at Nufarm want to help you finish strong. Nufarm features a variety of products designed to keep your crop protected whether they are in or out of the ground. Take a look at 

Cheetah is a powerful desiccant that makes harvest easier. Applying Cheetah before harvest will not only kill vines, but through natural senescence add bulk to your potato crop. Cheetah also protects potatoes once they come out of the ground. With better skin set, growers will reduce the chance of bruising during harvest and storage.the products below formulated to keep your potatoes safe pre- and post-harvest.

Protection doesn’t stop once  potatoes are out of the ground. When applied post-harvest, Phostrol fungicide continues to fight off diseases such as pink rot, late blight and silver scurf while potatoes are in storage.