New Product: Great Plains 7000 Series Disk Harrow

Published online: Aug 20, 2019 New Products, Potato Equipment
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Now available in smaller sizes, the Great Plains 7000 Series disk harrow delivers reliable, quality conventional tillage in a highly competitive disk harrow market. With new 10-, 12-,and 15-foot working widths, sizes are available up to 36 feet to fit a variety of operations.

Unlike other mid-sized disk harrows on the market, Great Plains’ mid-sized disk harrows are built with a heavy-duty design and retain the robust features of Great Plains’ larger models. 

“These new disk harrows were purposefully built to reflect their size; we didn’t simply take the wings of a big disk and turn them into a smaller disk, for example,” says Rye DeGarmo, vice president of Great Plains Engineering. “It was necessary for us to make minor modifications to the frame and throughout to ensure these smaller-framed models function as dependably as their larger counterparts.”

The disk harrows’ double-offset gang configuration remains one of the most effective methods for mechanically eliminating weeds, leveling rutted fields, and incorporating crop residue. The disk harrows have a 20-degree front gang angle and an 18-degree angle on the rear. For added convenience, single-point depth control allows producers to easily change the depth of the entire machine from one central location.

To ensure the best fit for producers’ fields, several disc blade options are available in a choice of 22- or 24-inch diameters, including 6-gauge blades, ¼-inch rollable blades, and Great Plains’ exclusive SpeedBlades that turn 5 percent faster than conventional smooth discs.

Producers can count on the disk harrow’s heavy, ductile cast spools that place the weight “in” the gang, ensuring reliability in the C-shanks and bearings. For quick, easy maintenance, arbor bolt nuts are conveniently located on each end of the gang. The disk harrow is also a “grease-zerk-free” machine, reducing maintenance time and costs with maintenance-free bearings and pivot points.

Engineered for easy transportation, reliable field performance, and minimal maintenance, the 7000 Series disk harrow is ready to take on conventional tillage contenders and deliver superior results.

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