Late Blight Found in Idaho's Minidoka County

Published online: Aug 20, 2019 Articles
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Late blight has been found in multiple potato fields in southwest Minidoka County in southern Idaho near the town of Paul. Late blight sporulation was observed on diseased tissue. The University of Idaho will be checking for additional confirmation by PCR.

Weather conditions are not favorable for pathogen spread, but the blight is extensive in some of these fields. Risk of spread would be very high if thunderstorms develop. It is recommended that growers maintain an effective fungicide program to protect against late blight. Additional information on late blight fungicides can be found at this link. The article was written in 2018, but the information is still applicable for this year.

Miller Research is interested in mapping the extent and severity of the blight. Growers who find late blight are encouraged to inform their local Extension representatives.