Redox Products Maintain Good Tuber Bulking Rate

Published online: Jul 29, 2019 Fertilizer, New Products
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Source: Redox

Sustaining balanced plant growth during periods of increased environmental oxidative stress (EOS) is key to managing the physiological demands of a maturing potato crop.

The combination of diKaP and OXYCOM Calcium, stimulate an increase in phenolic compound production. These antioxidants (or energy compounds) allow the plant to maximize the production of ATP, ADP during periods of increased EOS.

The addition of phosphorus and potassium in these products, sustain the energy currency of the plant while contributing to an increase in daily photosynthate production and utility. 

Potassium itself activates the enzymes responsible for the synthesis of starch. Starch accumulation declines when potassium is deficient, under this condition, carbohydrates and nitrogen-based compounds accumulate, creating soft fleshy leaves that are prone to disease or fungal attack. The idea then is to keep carbohydrates and nitrogen compounds moving (Source: Sink relationships) that sustain balanced plant growth.  

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