LIV Organic's Latest Organic Portfolio Brings Year-Round Potatoes

Published online: Jul 25, 2019 Articles
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LIV Organic is making moves to respond to the heightened demands of retailers for more consistent year-round organic programs. This fall, with the expansion of its potato program into the eastern slopes of Washington, the company’s now 52-week portfolio of organic potatoes is enticing and exciting the fresh produce department and customers alike. And what does that mean for retailers? Start getting those orders in now.

“This was a project in the making for a few years now and enables us to go year-round on organic potatoes,” Co-Founder Anthony Innocenti, shares with me. “We wanted to develop this in a thoughtful manner that would enable us to expand acreage over the next few years moving forward. We wanted to ensure consistency of product instead of coming out of the gate running and then fall down without testing multiple varieties and different growing regions to ensure the highest quality and sustainable growth for our grower partners.

This new development will also create additional opportunities for LIV and its retail partners with the inclusion of new state-of-the-art bagging machines.

“The great thing about the expansion in the organic potato category is it will enable us to complement all of our other year-round programs with our grower partners including citrus and onions as well,” Anthony says. “With the boots on the ground in every growing region and daily reports from the fields, seven-day-a-week transportation, and six-day-a-week packing. this ensures we can pack and ship as fresh as possible. Our speed to market is elevated even more by our promise and commitment to bringing some of the highest quality organic potatoes to market and to the consumer. We always keep the customer in mind when we evolve our program. If it creates a better sales and supply opportunity for our retailers then it is a win-win for us!”

LIV Organic's speed to market is elevated by its promise and commitment to bringing high-quality organic potatoes to its customers and their consumers

LIV Organic’s vision for growth is more than its mission, but a road map for excellence.