New Product: AgriMend by AgriFarm Group

Published online: Jul 18, 2019 Fertilizer, New Products
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AgriMend is a highly soluble form of calcium. It owes its industry-leading solubility to its unique geological inception. It is the result of a unique high-temperature, high-pressure geothermal event. AgriMend is produced in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains of Colorado and is an excellent source of calcium and sulfur. AgriMend’s granular form and effectiveness make for easy and efficient application. A number of nutrients found in AgriMend have been shown to aid in soil improvement and are essential nutrients for plant growth and production.

A recent study performed by Colorado State University researchers indicates that amending soil with AgriMend helps regulate micronutrient concentration in the soil, improves soil organic matter, and helps soil retain more nitrogen after potato harvest. In the study, total tuber yield and premium size tuber yield was significantly increased when AgriMend was applied.

Click here or on the PDF link below to learn more about the aforementioned study, led by CSU Extension agronomy expert Samuel YC Essah. 

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