RPE Launches Promotion for Bite-Sized Potatoes

Published online: May 06, 2019 Articles
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Source: Fresh Plaza

Tasteful Selections is encouraging consumers to follow them in their new small-bite potato promotion campaign. The company highlights that the smaller potatoes have thin skins, consistent sizing and are ready in a shorter time frame.

“Nutritious, convenient and versatile, Tasteful Selections bite-size potatoes are the perfect addition to any meal,” said RPE marketing director Tim Huffcutt. “Think of bite-size potatoes in a whole new way with new, flavorful and innovative recipes, like Korean Potato Wraps, Patio Bruschetta Potatoes, and more.”

The company says with this new theme, consumers can win a creativity package, which includes free potatoes, a Wacom Bamboo Slate Smart pad Digital Notebook, Kitchen Creativity Cookbook, a Veggie/Potato Spiralizer kit and more.

“We want to share just how creative you can get with bite-size potatoes,” said RPE President Russell Wysocki. “In the next theme of our Small-bite Campaign, “Creativity in a small bite”, we hope to cultivate new ideas to bring to you your family’s meals.”