Sigma Agriscience Partners with Heliae Agriculture

Published online: Apr 30, 2019 Fertilizer, New Products
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Houston-based Sigma Agriscience, a manufacturer of granular biofertilizers and biostimulants, has announced it will begin offering new performance-based fertilizer blends in partnership with Heliae Agriculture. Offering both organic and conventional options, this new portfolio of products will assist with root growth, yield and many other benefits.

“We are very impressed with Heliae Agriculture,” says Alan Warren, president and CEO of Sigma Agriscience. “We can’t ignore the obvious; the data we are seeing is remarkable and very convincing. We value this opportunity; this partnership is another step toward bringing ag technology together to create sustainable solutions to bridge the gap and feed a growing population. Our alliance expansion with American Plant FoodAM-AG and now Heliae Agriculture further strengthens our mission as the leading plant health nutrition company worldwide.”

“Blending our microalgae technology with Sigma Agriscience’s premium fertilizer products, which include unique biologicals, creates new synergy that nourishes the soil, feeds the existing and new biological population, and makes the fertilizer products function at maximum efficiency,” says Doug Ranno, vice president of sales and marketing at Heliae.

Heliae’s product PhycoTerra Soil Amendment is a whole-cell, pasteurized microalgae that feeds the soil microbiome. When combined with Sigma Agriscience’s premium biological fertilizers, it has demonstrated an up to 42 percent increase on treated shoots, as well as improvements in yield.

“We are broadening the scope at which we view soil fertility and opening our eyes to a new world of mediums that rejuvenate tired soils, allowing American growers to achieve lasting and profitable returns on their farms,” says Josh Long, vice president of sales and procurement at American Plant Food. “Heliae PhycoTerra is an exemplary product that will work in unison with several of our synthetic and organic product offerings, ultimately increasing the efficiencies of these products while still providing a cost-effective offering.”                        

Recognized as the industry leader in microalgae innovation, Heliae Agriculture is a cutting-edge agriculture technology company creating sustainable solutions for growers everywhere.

“This new partnership offers innovative products and solutions to agriculture, nurseries, orchards, turfs and landscape markets,” Ranno says. “Combining our products with Sigma Agriscience and American Plant Food products will build strong value for customers worldwide.”