The Smorgasbord: Jazzy

Published online: Mar 06, 2019 Seed Potatoes, Smorgasbord
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This article appears in the January 2019 issue of Potato Grower

With help from our friends at Solanum International, this Smorgasbord takes a look at Jazzy, an excellent-tasting salad-type specialty variety with smooth yellow skin and creamy yellow flesh. It is a very productive variety producing high numbers of small to medium sized tubers per plant. It has a slightly elongated fingerling shape and is suitable for creamer production. Jazzy is highly popular in Europe, where it is renowned for its preparation convenience and superb culinary qualities.

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  • Developed in the Netherlands by C. Meijer B.V.
  • North American Agent: Solanum International, Inc.
  • PVP issued in 2013


  • Ideal for gourmet, specialty, early harvest, high-set and organic markets
  • Medium to high fertilization requirements
  • About 65 days to maturity
  • 25 to 40 tubers per plant, depending on soil type
  • Slightly sensitive to Sencor
  • Quick skin set after top-kill
  • Good tolerance to mechanical bruising
  • Good virus resistance
  • Has medium to good common scab resistance
  • Storage: Six months at 39 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Maintains bright, shiny skin finish in storage


  • Waxy texture and excellent flavor when cooked
  • Versatile tubers good for boiling, mashing, roasting and steaming