Nufarm Seed Treatments & Fungicides

Published online: Mar 04, 2019 Fungicide, New Products
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Protect your potatoes from seed- and soil-borne diseases and get them off to the best start with Nufarm’s comprehensive lineup of seed treatments and fungicides. Plant protection starts with seed protection. Nufarm seed treatments help protect potato seed from early-season rots, damping off and more.

Spirato 480 FS, which features the trusted active ingredient fludioxonil, helps prevent decay, damping off and seed blight. Its low use rate allows other material to be applied to seed.

Salient 372 FS also features fludioxonil, helping prevent decay and seed blight. Its active ingredient, difenoconazole, delivers excellent protection against dry rot, black scurf and stem canker. Tank-mixing Salient 372 FS with Spirato 480 FS helps reduce development of resistance.

Ultra Flourish fungicide can be added to a program for added protection. When applied at planting, in-furrow, Ultra Flourish forms a protective barrier from harmful soil diseases. It is a highly active, systemic fungicide that protects from diseases caused by Pythium and Phytopthora. Ultra Flourish helps improve plant health and vigor and can be applied with fertilizers

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