New Product: Spectrum WatchDog Wireless Rain+Temp Station

Manage field activities in real time using Sigfox low-power wide area (LPWA) network

Published online: Mar 29, 2019 New Products
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Spectrum Technologies brings wireless sensor technology to its customers with the WatchDo Wireless Rain+Temp Station. Real-time technology provides accurate rainfall and temperature data on a field basis to optimize crop profits. Current weather conditions are viewed on the cloud or a smartphone.

Rain events during the spring can have a significant impact on scheduling tillage and planting activities. Growers need answers to a lot of questions: It rained last night; which fields received rain, and how much? How will this alter my field activities? Yield-robbing soil compaction can occur when working fields with soil moisture levels near field capacity. Temperature data by field is useful for tracking degree-days and crop growth stage. Placing a WatchDog Wireless Rain+Temp Station in every field can result in more effective decisions and weather data, which correlate to yield and profitability.

“With the wireless Rain+Temp station, you no longer have to rely on the local weatherman’s rain data or weather services providing inaccurate rainfall data,” says Mike Thurow, president and CEO of Spectrum. “Rainfall amounts can vary significantly from field to field. With field-specific weather data through the growing season, more effective decisions are made, and crop yields and profits are optimized.”

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