New Product: Spear-Lep Bioinsecticide

Published online: Feb 11, 2019 Insecticide, New Products
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Designed to be non-toxic to beneficials, fish, honey bees and mammals, Vestaron’s Spear brand family provides new technology with a unique mode of action in a biological solution equal to—and often better than—the synthetic options. Spear products provide growers the opportunity to incorporate a new IRAC group, 32, into rotation recommendations for resistance management.

Spear-Lep is a bioinsecticide for fruits, vegetables and high-value crops in the field and greenhouses. Targeting lepidopteran and coleopteran pests such as loopers, worms, caterpillars and beetles, field trials of Spear-Lep demonstrate results of equivalency or superiority to conventional insecticides with a desirable environmental profile including four-hour REI and 0 PHI, as well as a caution label. The Spear brand family is the initial product line of Vestaron’s planned lineup utilizing a proprietary peptide program.

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