Fungicide Buyers' Guide

Published online: Feb 28, 2019 Fungicide, New Products
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This article appears in the March 2019 issue of Potato Grower

Black dot. Late blight. Fusarium wilt. Ugly names attached to truly ugly diseases with the potential to completely wreck an entire potato crop. Over the years, growers, researchers and chemical reps have worked tirelessly to develop sustainable, economical solutions to the problems posed by these fungal maladies. Potato Grower’s fungicide buyers’ guide showcases a few of those solutions.

Always read and follow label instructions. Some products may not be registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Please check with your state or local extension service to ensure registration status.



Serifel biofungicide is a protective biological fungicide that exhibits broad-spectrum disease control and a novel mode of action. As a product with a clean formulation, Serifel biofungicide starts potato growers off on the right foot when it is applied according to the label. When used as part of an integrated disease management program, Serifel biofungicide provides conventional growers with a unique solution to address challenges in the food production value chain. It has a favorable toxicological and environmental profile for users, the environment and consumers.


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Orondis Opti

Orondis Opti fungicide combines two powerful active ingredients with systemic and contact protection to aid potato growers in the fight against late blight. Orondis Opti protects crops when they are most actively growing to maximize marketable yields.

Orondis Gold

Orondis Gold fungicide combines the proven, trusted performance of two active ingredients—a combination of separately registered products: Orondis Gold 200 and Orondis Gold B—to deliver preventive, residual and systemic activity against pink rot and Pythium leak. Orondis Gold is effective for use against most soil-borne oomycete diseases. Orondis Gold is a


Elatus fungicide has been shown to provide excellent control of soil-borne Rhizoctonia in potatoes, and can now be used under a 2ee recommendation to aid growers in the fight against Verticillium wilt. The disease control offered by Elatus can help improve emergence, establish a more uniform crop stand, enhance crop health, and optimize distribution of tuber size, ultimately resulting in higher yields and optimal quality at harvest.

Miravis Prime

Miravis Prime fungicide is a combination of fludioxonil and Adepidyn fungicide, the latest SDHI molecule with broad-spectrum preventive and curative activity. In spray programs, Miravis Prime provides excellent control of several difficult-to-control diseases in potatoes, including early blight and white mold.


Drexel Chemical

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Chlorothalonil 720

Drexel’s Chlorothaolonil 270 is an excellent protectant fungicide for control of black dot, Botrytis vine rot, early blight and late blight in potatoes. It also provides effective suppression of Botrytis leaf blight and purple blotch in onions and shallots, and of downy mildew in onions.

Chlorothaolonil 270’s superior formulation will remain available to the plant even amid heavy rainfall and irrigation. Foliar application provides residual control, and no pathogen resistance has been documented to date.


Phiticide is a phosphite fungicide with proven control of Phytophtora infestans (the late blight pathogen) and storage rot diseases such as pink rot caused by Phytophthora erythroseptica. It is recommended for use in foliar applications and storages. Phiticide has also proven itself to control Pythium leak in foliar applications and silver scurf in storage potatoes. It is an excellent tank-mix partner with Chlorothalonil 720 for in-season foliar applications.

Phiticide is also labeled for hops.


Vive Crop Protection

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AZteroid FC 3.3

AZteroid FC 3.3 fungicide recently received approval from the EPA. AZteroid FC 3.3 is a new, higher-concentration formulation of the popular AZteroid FC fungicide from Vive Crop Protection.

Farmers who grow sugarbeets, potatoes, dry beans, alfalfa or corn are going to find that AZteroid FC 3.3 provides the same excellent disease control and mixability with liquid fertilizer as its predecessor. It’s simply a more concentrated formulation for added convenience.

AZteroid FC 3.3 is double the concentration of AZteroid FC, meaning that application rates will be cut in half. For both growers and retailers, AZteroid FC 3.3 will take up less storage space, require less transportation cost and fewer jugs to handle.

Both AZteroid FC and AZteroid FC 3.3 contain the Allosperse Delivery System, which uses nanotechnology to allow active ingredients to mix well with liquid fertilizer, other chemicals, micronutrients and hard water.

BioSafe Systems

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OxiDate 2.0 Bactericide/Fungicide

BioSafe Systems’ OxiDate 2.0 controls a wide variety of pathogens that can affect the healthy growth of potatoes, including early and late blight, powdery mildew, potato brown rot, bacterial speck and spot, and white mold.

OxiDate 2.0 has a zero-hour re-entry interval and no pre-harvest interval. It kills bacterial and fungal pathogens on contact and has no mutation resistance.


Marrone Bio Innovations

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Amplitude Biofungicide

Amplitude biofungicide has been approved for control of white mold on numerous row crops like beans, peas and other pulse crops, as well as bringing a new great solution for white mold control in potatoes. Additionally, it provides excellent control of Rhizoctonia and Pythium when soil-applied at planting for crops such as carrots and onions.

Amplitude is an advanced biofungicide that offers growers a sustainable mode of action to help control tough diseases and minimize the development of resistance. Amplitude is a liquid biofungicide and will initially be available in 2.5-gallon containers and soon after in larger containers. Growers can contact their local crop protection suppliers for availability information.



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Mastercop is a higher-quality copper formulation that provides superior control of early and late blight in potatoes, with the added benefits of easier mixing, no coating of copper residues, and no soil toxicity. Unlike traditional coppers, Mastercop is 100 percent water-soluble, meaning no sludge in the tank and no clogged nozzles. It’s also more than 90 percent immediately bio-available, allowing faster activity for maximum disease control with lower rates and less phytotoxicity than other coppers. The smaller-than-average copper particles of Mastercop have more even distribution on the leaf, resulting in better spray coverage.

How is this possible? Mastercop is formulated with BioRetain technology that delivers a smaller copper particle size. This means better spray coverage with quick, uniform distribution of copper metallic ions as well an improved uptake system, including enhanced leaf adhesion, penetration, bio-availability and retention within the leaf cuticle. With broad-spectrum protection and multi-site activity, it is ideal for integrated pest management programs. Mastercop is now also OMRI-listed.