Digital Tools Will Shape Future of Food Production

Published online: Feb 21, 2019 Articles
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Farmers face unrivaled risk and uncertainty. New solutions are needed to help them solve complex problems. With digital tools and data science, the next wave of innovation in agriculture has arrived. Mike Stern, head of The Climate Corporation and Digital Farming for Bayer Crop Sciences, shares his positive perspective on the power and potential of digital farming in this video.

Stern says farmers around the world are really under pressure. “Farming is one of the most risky professions in the world,” he says. “And the reason for that is that is that the challenges continue to evolve and change. These risks are unpredictable. Growers are constantly looking for technology to help them mitigate that risk.

“I am totally convinced that digital farming, or what I call digital agriculture, is a fundamental watershed event in agriculture, very much like the arrival of mechanization back in the late eighteen hundreds. And I believe it is going to be more profound.

“These new digital tools are going to bring this next wave of innovation to agriculture. There’s no turning back… Digital tools and data science are going to shape the way we think about food production going forward.”

In this video, Stern explains his take on the digitization of agriculture. Follow the digital ag discussion at @MikeStern_Ag and @ClimateCorp. The video can also be viewed on this page of the Bayer Crop Science website.