New Product: Brandt GlucoPro Plant Growth Regulator

Published online: Jan 15, 2019 Fertilizer, New Products
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GlucoPro is a revolutionary new plant growth regulator and the first molecule of its kind in agriculture.

GlucoPro is based on the research and discoveries of Arthur Nonomura and the late Andrew Benson, one of the most renowned plant scientists of the 20th century and one of the world’s top experts on photosynthesis. Benson’s work includes the discovery of the Calvin-Benson cycle; his colleague was awarded a Nobel prize in chemistry for their work. Benson’s research continued under the leadership of Nonomura, and in 2014 a joint venture was formed with Brandt to develop the revolutionary new technology that is now known as Brandt GlucoPro.

The Importance of Glucose in Plants

All living cells require a continued source of energy to carry out their biological functions. One of the primary sources of plant energy is glucose, which is created by the plant during photosynthesis. Glucose also plays a role in the formation of starches and cellulose.

Factors that Limit Glucose Availability

While glucose directly impacts plant development, there are factors that can limit glucose availability inside the plant. One of those factors is the binding of lectin proteins and glucose molecules. Lectin is a protein present in all plants and found in high concentrations in seeds and roots. The protein has a natural tendency to bind to glucose. When this occurs, the glucose is fixed to the lectin and not available to the plant to use. Being able to turn off lectin’s affinity to bind to glucose is the key concept behind GlucoPro technology.

In the U.S., Brandt GlucoPro is currently registered for sales in Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Idaho, Louisiana, North Carolina, New Mexico, South Carolina, Texas and Washington.

Key Advantages

Applying GlucoPro at planting and in early plant growth stages releases glucose that is fixed inside plant seeds and roots, which stimulates germination, root growth and tissue growth. Subsequent applications during high growth periods provide an additional supply of energy to the plant during fruit and vegetable development. The net result is:

  • Increased yield and premium marketable yield
  • Increased harvestable weight
  • Larger fruit size and fruit count
  • Increased quality
  • Improves firmness and flavor
  • Increased brix at harvest

Mechanisms of Action

GlucoPro is a groundbreaking new technology that disables lectin proteins to prevent them from binding to glucose. The patented mechanism of action “unlocks and releases” the glucose that is bound to the lectins. This frees and releases the glucose into the plant, providing the plant with a flush of energy to carry out its biological functions.

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