H2OExcel Recommended as Spring Seed Treatment

Published online: Jan 22, 2019 Fertilizer, New Products
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Utilizing Brookside Agra’s natural water conservation agent and soil amendment H2OExcel as a seed treatment in spring can boost overall crop emergence, quality and growth rate, according to soil microbiologist Ben Elliott of Insight Bio Ag, LLC.

Elliott has worked in the chemical formulating and research fields for the past 10 years, providing consultation services both nationally and internationally. He specializes in intensive management for growers adopting new practices based on biological aspects of decision making, data management and systems integration.

“Using H2OExcel as a seed treatment, the point at which you can get the earliest activity of the chemistry, can help crops emerge more quickly and evenly,” says Elliott. “In early applications, at emergence, H2OExcel has been proven to support the early development of plants at a critical stage where photosynthesis has not yet fully started within the plants.”

According to Elliott, using H2OExcel as a seed treatment sets the stage for native microbes in the soil to begin coming out of dormancy earlier than normal. Even though the plants have yet to begin photosynthesis, using H2OExcel as a seed treatment can help build up the amount of total available nutrients within the root zone so a plant can load up quickly when those processes begin. The recommended use rate for all crops is 4 ounces of H2OExcel per hundredweight of seed.

H2OExcel is a proprietary blend of desert plant extracts and high-quality, humic acid-containing biologicals and other natural, non-plant-derived nutrient enhancers. Research-proven H2OExcel enables soils to absorb water faster and deeper. Once it infiltrates the ground, it reduces soil and water tension, allowing soils to absorb and retain water and nutrients three to five times faster. It also relieves capillary pressure in the soil to allow soil respiration to occur. This puts more water at the root zone and increases nutrient uptake to the plants, all while utilizing less water and fewer inputs.

H2OExcel is safe for use on all crops, turf and vegetation in all geographical areas and will not harm plants, animals or humans. When mixed with water, H2OExcel can be applied as a spray or soil-drench and can be safely blended with fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

For more information about H2OExcel, visit www.brookside-agra.com/H2OExcel or contact Tony Arro, Brookside Agra director of sales for specialty products at (618) 628-8300 ext. 24 or tony.arro@brookside-agra.com.  

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