Dollars Up, Volume Varies During Holidays

Published online: Jan 24, 2019 Articles
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Source: Potatoes USA 

The value of total store potato sales increased by 1.5 percent during the second quarter of the marketing year compared to previous marketing year. Quarter 2 ran from October through December 2018 and included all holiday sales prior to the new year. Volume declined by 1.8 percent across all categories. Frozen potatoes saw the largest gain compared to the same period last marketing year. Tater drums and French fries contributed to the growth in volume of frozen potatoes, contributing 11.2 and 5.9 percent, respectively. The decline in volume of canned potatoes was mainly due to a decrease in whole canned potatoes which fell by 8 percent from year ago. Fresh potatoes lead the volume decline in total store potato sales falling by 4.3 percent from the previous year.

The decline in fresh sales volume was mostly due to a 7.3 percent decline in russets, which make up 66.7 percent of the total fresh volume, though the value of russet sales did still increase 0.4 percent. Purple/blue only contribute to 0.1 percent of the total volume of fresh potatoes, but they decreased in volume by 12.4 percent. Not all types declined in quarter two. Yellows increased in sales volume by 4.8 percent. Yellows are the third-greatest contributor to volume making up 11.6 percent of the fresh volume sold at retail.

There were changes in the volume sales in regards to pack size as the smaller pack sizes saw a bit of a decline while 8-pound bags and bulk increased. Dollar sales were up for 1- to 4-pound packs by 3.8 percent, but volume declined by 1 percent. Eight-pound package sizes were up by 4.6 percent in dollar sales and 0.5 percent in volume. Bulk decreased in dollar sales by 1.4 percent but increased in volume by 0.8 percent.

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