Planting Equipment Buyers' Guide

Published online: Dec 10, 2018 New Products, Potato Equipment
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This buyers' guide appears in the December 2018 issue of Potato Grower.

Growers in most potato-growing regions of the U.S. are only now recovering from the 2018 harvest. But before you know it, it’ll be time to get the 2019 crop in the ground. Our buyers’ guide should help you get prepared with any of your equipment needs for planting time.

Ag Engineering

(509) 582-2814

Dammer Diker

The Dammer Diker is available in two- to 12-row configurations to fit row spacing from 17 to 40 inches in both hydraulic reset and angular shank models. Growers save money by using the Dammer Diker on their irrigated row crops. Reservoir tillage allows more efficient use of available water, fewer power costs, and better utilization of fertilizer and soil nutrients by keeping water where it falls. Yields can be increased while keeping water where the plant gets the most benefit. This means less soil loss and more profit to the grower.  

Ag-Vantage, Inc.

(208) 670-1041

Culti-Diker, Culti-Diker MAX, Tool Bars

PICS: KIMG0291, KIMG0289

Ag-Vantage offers the Culti-Diker line of water conservation tools to form water-retaining pockets to improve crop yields through better water utilization. The Culti-Diker MAX is the most aggressive diker of the product line, forming deep water-retaining pockets that can hold up to 3 gallons of water. The Culti-Diker MAX can be mounted to one of Ag-Vantage’s many custom tool bars. The Culti-Diker and Culti-Diker NX are part of Ag-Vantage’s smaller diker line that can be mounted to planters, grain drills and cultivators. They are an excellent choice for forming water-retaining pockets at planting and early in the growing season.  

All Star Manufacturing & Design

(801) 225-4199

Potato Seed Cutters

Over 60 years ago, Eskel Peterson built the first Better Built potato seed cutter. Three generations later, his grandsons Allen and Alex now own and operate All Star Manufacturing. Officially taking over in 2012, Allen and Alex both continue the tradition of building the best potato seed cutters for their customers.

All Star’s patented sizer, with on-the-go quick-adjust sizing and Better Built tapered aligning rollers, allows for more accuracy when sizing potatoes, while a better pocket to center the potatoes results in less waste and a more accurately cut seed.

Pairing All Star’s potato seed cutter with its liquid/powder potato seed treater can take the guesswork out of mixing slurry to best treat cut potato seed. 


Harriston Industries

(701) 248-3286

Clamp Planter

Harriston’s clamp planter is available in configurations from two to 12 rows. Positive seed clamping provides great seed placement with minimal skips and grabs seed pieces without penetration, helping prevent the spread of disease. With this technology, planting speed is greatly increased. The seed spacing and bowl height adjustments can be made from the cab of the tractor with ease. These planters have a low seed drop height for more exact seed spacing. They are manufactured in the U.S. and provide exceptional quality, reliability and accuracy.


Kuhn North America

(608) 897 2131

Kuhn Krause Interceptor 8050

The Interceptor 8050 is Kuhn Krause’s high-speed tillage solution for controlling troublesome, chemical-resistant weeds and a whole lot more. Developed to provide a clean width of cut, the Interceptor 8050 provides growers with a smooth seedbed floor and a level surface for accurate seeding. A single row of heavy-duty, adjustable, 30-inch tines are mounted directly behind the front row of 32-flute Excalibur CT (conservation tillage) blades, forcing airborne material downward toward the field surface. This begins the soil leveling process and aids in evenly distributing residue ahead of the transport wheels, rear blades and the proven Star Wheel treader rear attachment.

Kuhn Krause Dominator 4860

The new Dominator 4860 primary tillage system meets the product requests voiced by customers searching for optimal tilled width productivity. Increased productivity was achieved by designing a 24-inch shank spacing and incorporating additional uptime features, like no daily grease maintenance, extended life subsoil points, a non-speed sensitive rear disc conditioner and a new hydraulic reel option. The new 4860 is available in 14-, 18-, 22- and 26-foot (RTK) cut widths.

The Dominator 4860 redefines soil and residue movement through the use of an offset coulter design in relation to the deep tillage shanks and an innovative reverse-tandem disc conditioner with individually mounted, 24-inch wavy disc blades with reverse-mounted Rock-Flex C-arms on 12-inch spacing to continuously level the soil profile and incorporate residue, even in adverse conditions. 



(208) 785-4285

Potato Seed Cutter

Uncompromising attention to detail and over 50 years of hard-earned experience has allowed Milestone to produce the most capable, highest-capacity potato-cutting system available. Milestone potato seed cutters effectively cut both long and round varieties without the need for costly retooling. Numerous innovations, including the patented Milestone Star, hydraulic sizer quick adjust, and Milestone cutting system, ensure a consistent, uniform and blocky seed piece—the key to optimal planter performance and vibrant plant growth. Several easy-to-use adjustments can be made while the machine is operating to help ensure the desired seed profile. 

Milestone’s new 84-D potato seed cutter, the newest addition to the company’s cutter lineup, represents the ultimate example of capacity, technology and raw performance.


Parma Company

(208) 722-5116

Parma High-Speed Disc

The High-Speed Disc is specifically designed to enable various results of primary tillage disking. Front 600/50-22.5 flotation tires in combination with the rear roller provide precise depth control for high-speed/shallow or slower-speed/deep disking. Front and rear rows of individual, 24-inch notched disc blades spaced at 10 inches are independently mounted on maintenance-free disc hub bearings and torsion spring-cushioned shanks. The distinct working action of each disc helps maintain a thorough and even disking result across the working width at the selected speeds. The separately controlled rear transport axle with 15-inch tires and the front tongue create a unique dual-action float or raise mechanism for complete lifting control at all times.

Parma’s High-Speed Disc is presently available in rigid widths of 14 to 21 feet and a wide variety of rear roller configurations including Crowfoot, packer rings, welded basket or pipe roller. Horsepower requirements for optimum high-speed performance are 15 to 20 horsepower per foot.


Spudnik Equipment

(208) 785-0480

Spudnik 12-Row Planter

Spudnik Equipment announces the release of its new, foldable, 12-row potato planter.

When transporting, the operator can fold the machine to the width of a six-row planter in less than one minute. The axle allows the machine to be transported on the road up to 20 miles per hour.

Unfolded, the machine balances on a six-row frame. Sensors control the three-row decks, which follow the contour of the ground floating on each side of the frame. With the 12-row planter, one operator can plant twice as much as a six-row, thus reducing headland turnaround time and passes through the field.