New Products: Tuctronics Irrigation Solutions

Published online: Dec 20, 2018 Irrigation, New Products
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Tuctronics is a family partnership that has been engineering telemetry products for control and monitoring in agriculture for over 20 years. Tuctronics’ AgriNET is a cross-platform app that allows the user to access the data solutions from the company’s hardware and any third-party hardware. The idea is to bring all the technology a grower needs to make decisions into one app. 

Tuctronics offers a great variety of control and monitoring products for agriculture. Much of it designed to improve efficiency in irrigation management decisions. The company also engineers and develops products directly to suit a client’s needs if what they can get off the shelf is insufficient. 

Tuctronics’ manufactures products for soil moisture monitoring, temperature/RH monitoring, valve control, weather stations, flow monitoring, SMS alarming, crop maturity modeling, disease and pest modeling, proportional chemical injection, and custom VFD and pump staging automation.

Tuctronics’ bestselling product is its soil moisture monitoring solution. The primary goal of the soil moisture monitoring solution is to provide an accurate, quick method to view many probes at once (three-day map markers with budget lines) to determine whether any sites need a closer look or irrigation adjustment. If all sites are in the green, operators can move on with their day. If some sites show up in red or blue, they can tap the marker on the app and take a closer look at the percolation rates to make irrigation management decisions and/or budget line fine-tuning. Tuctronics takes the time to train new customers on graph interpretation and will recommend budget line levels until they feel comfortable enough to set their own. 

Tuctronics/AgriNET can fully support the products even if they don’t have boots on the ground in a particular area. The company quickly responds to troubleshooting and will ship parts with instructions and phone support as soon as needed. Located in Washington State but with clients as far away as Italy, Maine and Hawaii, Tuctronics has made a name for itself by providing excellent support.

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