New Product: Battery-Powered Seametrics Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter

Published online: Dec 07, 2018 Irrigation, New Products
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Seametrics, a leader in magnetic flow meter technology for the agricultural industry, announces the release of the AG90 insertion-style, battery-powered magnetic flow meter. Irrigators, growers and regulators will find the AG90 to be a highly effective water management tool that accurately measures water flow and total volume used. 

Featuring a saddle design, this lightweight, accurate water meter offers ease of installation that can be done within minutes. The AG90 will fit in the same existing hole as 4- to 12-inch propeller meters, allowing users to easily replace dated mechanical propeller meters. With no moving parts to wear out, it’s the ideal meter to handle tough agricultural applications while delivering high accuracy. The user interface is intuitive and allows users to easily change total volume units, flow rate units, pulse output scaling and many other settings using button controls on the display panel. Pulse output comes standard, and a built-in data logger is available.   

Installation and setup are simple, and the meter comes telemetry system-ready for streamlined flow data collection. The unique design of this mag meter allows for superior versatility and ease of installation and use. The AG90 meter works well in clean or dirty water, comes with a five-year warranty, and offers a minimum four-year battery life. With a price point similar to a mechanical propeller meter, it offers lower cost of ownership and eliminates the need for costly propeller meter rebuilds every few years.

Seametrics irrigation flow measurement products offer value, durability and dependability. The AG90 is no exception, and delivers accuracy up to 2 percent. This economical insertion meter gives the agricultural industry a unique solution to easily upgrade systems from old-style mechanical  technology that’s prone to accuracy degeneration as the parts wear out, to new-style magnetic meter technology that’s low-maintenance with higher accuracy.

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