New Product: Sentera AGX840 Quad Sensor

Sentera integrates AGX840 gimbaled quad sensor with DJI Matrice 200 Series drones

Published online: Nov 09, 2018 New Products
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Sentera announces a pre-order opportunity for the AGX840, a powerful update to Sentera’s popular four-channel multispectral camera, engineered specifically for DJI Enterprise drone products. Powered by DJI SKYPORT and integrated with a high-speed brushless gimbal for exceptional image stability and control, AGX840 brings outstanding multispectral performance to Matrice 200 Series platforms. The AGX840 is an ideal solution for enterprise and academic researchers.

“AGX840 delivers Sentera four-channel performance in a fully integrated, gimbaled package for DJI Enterprise,” says Sentera CEO Eric Taipale. “With up to eight bands of multispectral data and image capture and gimbal control via standard apps, it’s an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use product.”

Streamlined, targeted, flexible

AGX840 streamlines and simplifies data collection. Four separate optical channels can be configured with a variety of standard filtering options, or custom-filtered in thousands of unique configurations. Using the DJI SKYPORT interface, the sensor can be installed and removed in seconds without the need for any tools. AGX840 data is compatible with preferred software analytics tools, ensuring seamless integration into existing operations.

High-speed gimbal provides outstanding stability
The sensor's integrated brushless gimbal stabilizes the imager against aircraft motion. Full gimbal control via iOS and Android apps are supporting; in high-accuracy applications, the gimbal ensures the image path is oriented straight down. The resulting multispectral data support a variety of Sentera and third-party analytics and index products.

More about the AGX840 sensor

  • Plug-and-play: snap in and out, no cables, connectivity or special brackets
  • DJI Payload Software Development Kit (P-SDK) and DJI SKYPORT technology assure seamless software and data integration.
  • Standard configuration: RGB, Red, RedEdge, and NIR
  • Fully customizable to support virtually limitless spectral capture
  • Integrated gimbal
  • Fully integrates with the DJI Matrice drone series (M200, M210)

Pre-orders are now open for February 2019 delivery. Pricing starts at $4,999.

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