New Product: Reinke Annex Pivot Controller

Published online: Nov 13, 2018 Irrigation, New Products
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Reinke introduces its RPM Annex pivot controller, a device that wires into main control panels and allows growers to upgrade to the latest technology by “annexing” their existing panels.

“Purchasing a new main control panel can be a costly investment,” says Reinke president Chris Roth. “Annex allows growers an alternate way to upgrade their existing systems for a fraction of the cost of buying a whole new panel.”

This device can provide the user interface and controls of Reinke’s RPM Preferred, RPM Advanced Plus or RPM Connect. In addition to providing the functionality of this newer technology, Annex allows growers with standard-type main control panels to utilize telemetry. And, because Annex is compatible with all center pivot brands, growers can upgrade any of their existing units to a Reinke panel.

Annex is ReinCloud-Ready, which includes remote access for monitoring and controlling pivots, the ability to manage multiple systems from one dashboard and notifications when there’s a change in the system’s status. Annex is available as an aftermarket component and also carries a five-year warranty.

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