New Product: Utrasol®ution K Liquid Potassium Nitrate

Published online: Oct 16, 2018 Fertilizer, New Products
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SQM North America introduces Utrasol®ution K, its latest innovation in specialty plant nutrition. As a global market leader in the production of SPN solutions, SQM produces various naturally derived potassium nitrate products. An all-in-one liquid formulation, Utrasol®ution K is composed of 100 percent macronutrients that are readily available for plant uptake, making it more efficient than other liquid fertilizers and an ideal source of nitrogen and potassium. Initially, Ultrasol K will be available in two grades: 2.7-0-9 for cool-season and 3-0-10 for warm-season regions. 

“Utrasol®ution K will address the need for chloride-free potassium and safe-handling nitrate-nitrogen in the liquid fertilizer market, opening up new possibilities for nutrient management in specialty crops where water quality and use efficiency are of utmost importance,” says SQM agronomist J.W. Lemons. “Our K-based fertilizers are chloride-free and 100 percent water-soluble, helping growers increase crop quality and yield by ensuring more efficient use of water and nutrients.”

As growers evaluate nutrient sources and build their nitrogen management plans for the 2019 season, incorporating Utrasol®ution K as a primary nitrogen source helps address crop nutrient needs in the most effective, efficient way possible. When applied at the right rate and the right time, Utrasol®ution K has proven to be the right source to maximize use efficiency while increasing yields.

In UC Davis research, a fertilizer program with liquid potassium nitrate in continuous fertigation, following a banded application of sulfate of potash, resulted in a 17 percent cumulative yield increase over sulfate of potash alone. The program including Utrasol®ution K in continuous fertigation resulted in a 22 percent yield increase over a program including potassium thiosulfate and sulfate of potash.

“Beyond its performance benefits, the liquid formulation will allow retailers to easily adapt this product into their existing tank farm for convenient, safe and compliant storage,” says Lemons. “For growers, no conversion is needed, making Ultrasol K ideal for liquid blending or mixing in the field.”

When compared to other liquid fertilizers, Utrasol®ution K has a low salt index and a much lower plant toxicity risk than nitrogen sources based on ammonium or liquid potassium sources that can include acidifying byproducts. Urea and ammonium nitrogen must first undergo chemical conversions in the soil before becoming available to plants. Ammonium also competes for the uptake of important nutrients like potassium, calcium and magnesium, and must be converted into organic nitrogen compounds in the roots. Nitrates are readily available, allowing plants to focus on processes that promote plant growth. 

An essential component of nutrient management plans, liquid potassium nitrate consistently demonstrates a positive return on investment and has been proven to help growers produce higher-yielding crops with improved appearance, higher nutritional values and longer shelf life.

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