Foreign Markets Expanding for U.S. Seed Potatoes

Published online: Oct 10, 2018 Articles, Seed Potatoes
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According to Potatoes USA, opportunities for U.S. seed growers to reach international buyers are expanding with foreign market introductions that connect grower-sellers with interested foreign grower-buyers in target markets: Guatemala, Morocco and Myanmar. The organization says U.S. industry sponsored field trials in these countries help to induce commercial interest in U.S. certified seed and compare U.S. varieties to common local ones.

In the coming year, plans are underway for a U.S. grower market visit to Guatemala in early 2019 with a focus on introducing U.S. varieties from states that were recently granted fresh potato access. Commercial interest is growing in Guatemala and additional sales are expected. In Morocco, several U.S. seed varieties are entering the official government registration track in 2019, a required course before commercialization. In recent months, in Myanmar, the variety registration process was simplified for seed potatoes, paving the way for U.S. varieties to be included on their official registry to allow commercial trade to commence.

Grower-buyers from each of these markets will visit the United States over the summer of 2019 to learn about the U.S. industry and tour seed growing areas. If you would like more information about the Potatoes USA seed program target market opportunities, please contact Amy Burdett,