New Product: VitTellus Soil Health Test

A next-generation soil health test providing actionable strategies for improved nutrient utilization and higher yields

Published online: Sep 10, 2018 New Products
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Traditional soil tests measure the chemical properties of soil, and that is helpful. But soil is a living, dynamic and continually changing ecosystem requiring a more holistic approach to determining optimal, sustainable management practices. By digging deeper into the physical and biological interactions in the soil, it is possible to make improved agronomic recommendations for higher yields and greater profit. The A&L research agronomy team has developed and launched VitTellus Soil Health, a next-generation soil health test and recommendation package to help growers and crop consultants make more informed decisions on nutrient application and soil management. The VitTellus Soil Health test is available worldwide and can be accessed through the VitTellus website at

The world-class research team at A&L focused on identifying and understanding the soil microbiological-plant relationship and how it influences crop productivity. Through eight years of intensive trials and research, working closely with growers and industry worldwide, A&L has developed VitTellus’s processes and analytics. Through this research, key Soil Health parameters have been confirmed and demonstrated to have over 90 percent correlation to crop yields.

“Unraveling the complexity of soil science for agriculture leads to more productive approaches and results in healthier soil, stronger plants and greater returns for the farmer and society,” says A&L founder and CEO Greg Patternson. “This is a worthwhile, long-view endeavor. We strongly encourage farmers to truly get to know their soils for their longstanding success. We are proud of all the research and development work coming out A&L Labs and are committed and passionate about sharing our knowledge for the advancement of the industry.” 

  • VitTellus Soil Health components include:
  • VitTellus Soil Health report + index
  • Solvita CO2 test results 
  • Standard soil fertility test results
  • A&L crop recommendations
  • Online portal for access of reports
  • Live expert customer support

Click here to submit an order for a VitTellus Soil Health test. Additional soil health tests are also available. For more information, visit or call (855) 837-8347.