New Product: Agri-Inject ReflexCONNECT

Published online: Sep 07, 2018 Irrigation, New Products
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Building on the success of its Reflex Variable Rate Fertigation system, Agri-Inject has taken fluid injection to the next level with ReflexCONNECT, putting fluid injection at operators’ fingertips. Like the original Reflex system, ReflexCONNECT provides fully programmable variable rate application of fertilizers and ag chemicals through center pivot, lateral move and drip irrigation systems.

ReflexCONNECT also includes remote control, real-time monitoring and alerts, and detailed charts and reports—all available through on any smart device.

“As a result, producers can start, stop or monitor fluid injection with their cell phones or tablets,” says Agri-Inject CEO Erik Tribelhorn. “A producer can also use the web interface to change the chemical injection rate in gallons per acre or gallons per hour, depending on the mode—or even change modes.”

In addition, the operator can set and adjust alarms including setpoints, system shutdown values and notification targets. The ReflexCONNECT dashboard features access to reports, charts, logs and downloadable files. Whether from phone, tablet or computer, the operator can simply monitor chemical flow, chemical pressure and irrigation water flow. Localized weather conditions including temperature, rainfall and wind speed are also available. Data and trends are color-coded and visually graphed with configurable time horizons. ReflexCONNECT users can even configure up to five separate application settings and store each with a unique name, enabling quick selection of complete configurations at a later date.

ReflexCONNECT automatically adjusts injection rate to ensure proper fertilizer dosing, compensating for extending corner spans, changes in pivot speed or variable prescription rates. Available flow rates range from 1.25 to 150 gallons per hour at pressures up to 150 PSI.

“System setup is very straightforward, reducing trips to the field while optimizing fertilizer and chemical management,” says Tribelhorn. “It all adds up to increased efficiency from an already reliable and accurate fluid injection system.”

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