Valley Releases Hybrid Configuration for X-Tec Motor

Published online: Aug 23, 2018 Irrigation, New Products
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Valley Irrigation announces a new hybrid machine configuration for its exclusive X-Tec center drive motor. The X-Tec motor’s patented FastPass technology enables it to operate at up to twice the speed of ordinary center drive motors. The new hybrid machine configuration is configured similarly to how high-speed center drive motors can be combined with standard speed motors. The hybrid X-Tec pivot configuration uses the high-speed Valley center drive motors on the inner drive units and X-Tec drives on the outer drive units.

“At Valley, we are constantly working to make advanced technology accessible to growers,” says Andy Carritt, vice president of product development at Valley. “To provide more growers the opportunity to experience the many benefits of X-Tec, we are now able to combine X-Tec drives with high-speed AC drives. By doing so, we can reduce the grower’s investment for adding X-Tec with FastPass technology to pivots by about 40 percent.”

While significantly reducing the lap time of a machine equipped with high-speed center drive motors is a key benefit, the X-Tec drive is more than just fast. It offers:

  • Full torque capabilities at any speed, making it ideal for tough terrain and low spots;
  • Consistent, precision alignment;
  • Electronic braking;
  • Lasting durability;
  • Soft starts, resulting in smooth acceleration; and
  • The ability for frequent, light application of water to cool the crop canopy, maintain surface moisture during germination and prevent wind erosion. X-Tec is therefore a perfect solution for sensitive, high-value commodity crops such as potatoes, carrots, onions and alfalfa.

“The original X-Tec is the perfect combination of speed and power,” says Carritt. “This new hybrid configuration is the perfect combination of speed, power and value.”

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