New Product: Valley VRI-iS

Published online: Aug 29, 2018 Irrigation, New Products
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Valley Irrigation announces the release of its next-generation variable rate irrigation solution: VRI-iS, which gives growers control of individual sprinklers for optimal control of water application.

“The Valley VRI-iS solution offers field-proven hardware to go with an updated VRI web application,” says Valley product manager Craig Bell. “Valley listened to growers and has developed an application that satisfies their VRI needs and integrates with our AgSense smart irrigation solution.”

The Valley VRI-iS program is web-based and can be accessed using AgSense credentials. New VRI-iS prescription software makes it quick and easy to generate or edit prescriptions. Shape files and sprinkler package data can be easily imported to create prescriptions. Prescriptions can be sent to Valley ICON panels using the built-in ICON Link, or to Pro2 panels via Valley CommanderVP. Fields are divided into sectors every 0.1 degrees, giving growers the precision they need; customized VRI prescriptions change application rates or turn off individual sprinklers over no-spray areas. The program uses GPS position to accurately control water application depth changes.

“Technology solutions from Valley, including Valley VRI-iS, are the future of agriculture, helping growers be more efficient,” says Bell. “Valley is committed to providing growers with advanced technology solutions and will continue to innovate.”

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