New Product: Challenger TerraGator C Series Applicators

Published online: Aug 03, 2018 New Products
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AGCO Corporation, a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, will debut the new TerraGator C Series high-flotation nutrient applicator and redesigned spray system at the Midwest Ag Industries Expo (MAGIE) in Bloomington, Ill., August 22-23. Show attendees will see the latest TerraGator four- and three-wheel floaters from Challenger at the AGCO Lot (No. 806). There also will be a sneak peek of the RoGator AirMax Precision dry application system that will be introduced in 2019 for precision application in and out of the growing season.

Since their introduction, TerraGator high-flotation applicators have led the industry in accurately applying more products in a single pass through the field. Today, TerraGator C Series applicators by Challenger continue this legacy, providing nearly endless choices in single-pass fall or spring pre-emergence nutrient application, bringing even more accuracy and versatility to variable-rate crop input application to help optimize yields.  

“We continuously look for ways to further improve the precision, power and versatility of our application equipment,” says Mark Mohr, tactical marketing manager for AGCO’s application division. “The TerraGator C Series floaters deliver unmatched productivity because we understand timeliness drives our retail customers’ business and producers’ agronomic needs. These applicators are built to get the job done quickly and efficiently no matter the crop or the conditions.”

For operator convenience, the TerraGator C Series features the same application-focused operator environment, intuitive command center and touchscreen AccuTerminal found in the RoGator C Series row crop applicators. Enhanced cab suspension provides a comfortable ride that helps operators be just as productive at the end of a long day as they are at the start. Improved visibility and transmission upgrades that put more power to the ground are other new features of the TerraGator C Series high-flotation applicators.

When it comes specifically to liquid application, the TerraGator C Series delivers on-target efficiency and uptime benefits. The redesigned spray system has robust, full-featured booms and a new reload station that delivers greater control, exceptional accuracy and added convenience when applying liquid products.

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