Late Blight Confirmed in Washington State

Published online: Aug 09, 2018 Fungicide
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Source: Syngenta

Late blight was found and confirmed north of Pasco, Wash., in the first week of July. The infected field was treated with a fungicide 12 days prior to the report. North of Pasco, fields should be treated with fungicide on a seven-day application schedule. As of the writing of this post, the Syngenta late blight hotline had not received any other reports of infection.

Fields with late blight should be on a five- to seven-day fungicide application schedule. Sprinkler-irrigated fields should be treated with a late blight fungicide one to seven days before any major rain. Orondis Opti fungicide offers control you can rely on, even under heavy disease pressure.

For more local late blight information in Washington, consult Potatoes at WSU. For up-to-date information on late blight conditions in Washington, Idaho, North Dakota, Oregon and Michigan, call into the Syngenta late blight hotlines:

This chart shows the pathologists available to discuss potato issues.