China Imposes Tariffs on U.S. Fries, Dehy

Published online: Aug 20, 2018 Articles National Potato Council
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The escalating trade war between the U.S. and China increased further as both sides recently announced new multi-billion tariffs on a host of goods.

As expected, China included U.S. fries and dehydrated potatoes on its announced retaliation list. The new tariffs are 10 percent on fries and 25 percent on dehy. 

“We’re monitoring this situation in coordination with U.S. trade officials,”  said John Keeling, NPC CEO. “Our message to all parties has not changed. They need to settle these issues at the negotiating table urgently, as the negative economic impacts of these tariffs will only increase over time. The implementation date for these tariffs is currently unknown and contingent upon the U.S. taking firm action following the announcement of increased tariffs against Chinese exports.”

(Source: Potato Bytes / National Potato Council)