New Product: Michelin AxioBib2 Tire

Published online: Jul 18, 2018 New Products, Potato Equipment
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Michelin recently launched AxioBib2, a high-traction capacity radial VF (very high-flexion) tire for mid- and high-powered tractor loads running with low pressure on a standard wheel. CTIS-ready, the tire has the best load index (650mm) on the market. This tire provides growers ease plowing in the furrow. AxioBib2 demonstrates exceptional field traction performance at pressures as low as 9 PSI due to its very high flexion carcass. Michelin Ultraflex VF technology can carry the same load at up to 40 percent lower air pressure than standard radial technology tires, or up to 40 percent heavier loads at the same pressure as standard radial tires, resulting in a larger footprint and reduced soil compaction.

“Michelin’s challenge is to equip today’s powerful, technically advanced machines with tires that will improve useful power transmission, agronomic efficiency and operational performance, while protecting the soil and reducing fuel consumption,” says David Graden, Michelin North America agriculture operational marketing manager. “Michelin’s new AxioBib2 tire provides the best solution for customer challenges in and out of the field.”

The AxioBib2 is available in 710/60R42 and 600/60R30 sizes. Additional sizes are anticipated in 2019.

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