World Potato Congress Abstract Book Available Online

Published online: Jun 23, 2018 Articles, New Products
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The abstract book, containing abstracts of presentations delivered during the 10th World Potato Congress in Cusco, Peru, is now available for download as a PDF file. 

The books preface states that the themes “Biodiversity, Food Security and Business” represent what Peru, as the host country and the most important center of origin of the potato, can show and share with the world. In this Congress, Peru and other Latin American countries showcased their great potential from a scientific point of view, where biodiversity and its relationship with the development of new varieties, nutrition and health, represents a valuable and still unexploited treasure for the world. The Congress also highlighted the great contribution of the different improved and native potato varieties to global food security, the development of pest and disease management technologies, and more. Download the Abstract Book here. 

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