Researcher Requests for Industry Support Due by July 15

Published online: Jun 20, 2018 Articles
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This spring, in consultation with U.S. potato research leaders, Potatoes USA established a deadline of July 15, 2018 for fall potato research projects to be considered for industry support. This deadline will provide enough time to industry members serving on the Potato Research Advisory Committee (PRAC) to evaluate the proposals according to the 2018 Potato Research Priorities that were established during the February 2018 PRAC meeting in Washington, D.C., see full list here. The final step in the industry support selection process for fall 2018 potato research projects will take place on Wednesday, August 8 during the PRAC meeting in Park City, Utah. Research proposals seeking industry support will also be evaluated separately on strength of science by peers within the research community.

The implementation of this deadline is part of an ongoing, coordinated effort with U.S. state and national potato grower associations and is intended to build upon the industry’s recent successes in securing competitive federal agricultural research funds. Through the clear endorsement of high quality research proposals that directly address industry needs, the potato industry seeks to elevate selected projects for consideration.

Please share this Industry Update with your friends and colleagues in the potato research community and encourage them to do the same. Completed Industry Support Request Forms should be sent to Potatoes USA Research Director, Ryan Krabill, at by the July 15 deadline. Industry support requests received after that time will be considered for funding opportunities beyond Fall 2018.